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Pride & prosper, inc.

No description

Paulette Lusterio

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Pride & prosper, inc.

However, the company's annual sales growth has declined. It started over the last few years and it ranges from 2.6%-5% in the last 5 years. This prompted its CEO, Dick Harrigan, to find out its cause. Another three years of decline would mean cutting off workforce and a complete reorganization and alignment of jobs and positions.
Through third party consultants, they concluded that Pride and Prosper's culture is conservative, slow-moving, and bureaucratic. The recommendations discussed need to change the present corporate culture into a fast-moving, modern, more fast-paced internet savvy organization.
Management is also considering a joint venture with a manufacturing company, Gilligan's Gum Co., because of its massive distribution structure.
Viewpoint: Top Management
To decide what action plan should be done to stop sales decline and increase its product distribution and sales.
Alternative Course of Action
SWOT Analysis
This company takes pride in being a pioneer in the manufacture of soaps. It launched its first ever beauty soap, Mild, in the early 30s. It became very successful to housewives since it sponsored daytime dramas on national television. Mild also advertised through radio and print. The success of Mild prompted the company to manufacture detergents, toothpastes, lotions and shampoos.
The company gave importance to brand management and new product research and development, which other companies failed to do.
Alternative Courses of Action
Joint venture with Gilligan's Gum Co.
Change present corporate culture into a fast-moving, modern, more fast-paced internet savvy organization
Pride & prosper, inc.
Pride and Prosper needs to do these ambitious restructuring plans right away. Harrigan and the rest have to prioritize and make the right moves.
Case Analysis
Statement of Problem:
Conservative, slow-moving, and bureaucratic corporate culture resulting to decline in sales growth
Time Context: Present
Pioneer in the manufacture of soaps
Popular to housewives
Present corporate culture is conservative and slow-paced
Decrease in sales growth
Pride and Prosper is an established brand name
Possible joint venture with a manufacturing company which has a massive distribution structure
Many new manufacturing companies are being established in the market
Joint venture
It would give the company a boost in the distribution of its product
Increase in market share due to Gilligan's present consumers
Access to greater resources
Different cultures and management styles result in poor integration and co-operation
Success in joint venture depends on thorough research and analysis of objectives
Change present corporate culture
Cost-to-Benefit Ratio
Change might not equal progress
The company will be more innovative
Company will be more accessible and open to its customers
Pride & Prosper, Inc.
Paulette Krizz Lusterio
Venj Christofer Caparros
Lurilyn Belarmino
Aubrey May Abad
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