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Marketing - Cars final

No description

Thomas Beer

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Marketing - Cars final

BMW 3 Series Total Product Offering MARKETING AND CARS BMW 3 SERIES TOYOTA CAMRY SKODA SUPERB Branding Brand Name Awareness BMW is known for its expensive, but well performing cars. The 3 series is one of the most popular mid sized luxery sedans in the world and has high levels of brand loyalty from satisfied customers Brand Loyalty The BMW 3 Series is percieved a lot higher then its actual performance, the past performance and successful advertising campaigns have enabled them to hold hold onto this highly valued reputation and generate large profits Perceived Brand Quality The blue and white colours in the logo reflect an old airplane propellor cutting through the sky. This indicates that BMW is high above the rest of the car market, 'touching the gods' and this is shown with it being one of the most recognised car brands in the world Brand Association Associated with luxury, upper class, prestige and wealth Core Product - A form of transport Expected Product - Top performance, luxery with all the extras Augmented Product - Status in self and work image, reflecting success Potential Product - Invincible to crashes, ability to go from land/water/air, no need for driver control, etc. BMW 3 Series is in the maturity phase of the product life cycle. It currently is competing with competitors such as Mercedes, Lexus and Audi for the dominant luxury car on the market Life Cycle Positioning Highly competitive luxury car market, targeting the elite. This includes men and women aged 30-50, with a median salary of $150,000 Communication BMW spends a lot of money in holding exhibitions and inviting well known people, to get their cars in the public eye BMW sponsors a lot of car racing events, entering their own models and showing off performance and skills Consumer Behaviour Need/want recognition - The consumer needs to purchase a new car, in this case a luxury one Information Search - The consumer researches their options available in their desired type of car Evaluation of Options - What do they need, which car satisfies the consumers main needs, deciding between which luxury brand to purchase Purchase - Customer makes final decision and purchases a vehicle Post Purchase Evaluation - Ongoing process as the consumer analysis the purchase of the car as it plays out in their life TOYOTA CAMRY Total Product Offering Core Product - A form of transport Expected Product - Stock standard family sedan, satisfying the needs for work and travel Augmented Product - Bundles with extras such as no onrode costs and warrenties etc. Potential Product - Invincible to crashes, ability to go from land/water/air, no need for driver control, etc. Life Cycle The Toyota Camry is in the maturity phase of the product life cycle, competing with companies such as Holden and Ford for the best mid price family sedan Branding The 3 ovals represents the trust Toyota bestows between customer and company. Toyota is well known throughout the world as one of the finest car makers. The Camry itself is one of the most commonly purchased sedans also. Brand Name Awareness The Toyota Camry is reknowed for being a safe and reliable vehicle. This resulted in high consumer loyalty. However, this has now changed due to faults in manufacturing resulting in mass recalls and a drop in consumer loyalty. Brand Loyalty Perceived Brand Quality The idea for value for money was very prominent for Toyota, with their models being safe and having good longevity. However, the recent recalls have lowered this perception marginally. Brand Association Toyota is associated with safety, family, technologically advanced and ease of use The BMW 3 Series base price starts at $64,896.05 Positioning Toyota's primary market is men aged 35-54, who are employed full time and have a salary in excess of $50,000 Communication Toyota spends $80-85 million annually on advertising. This places it in the top 10 in Australia for expenditure on advertising Spends millions on sponsorship, including the largest sport in Australia, the AFL. This generates a vast amount of appearances in the public eye for the cars and greatly benefits the company The Toyota Camry base price starts at $33,917.99 Consumer Behaviour Need/want recognition - A family might decide they need a bigger or more reliable car Information Search - The consumer researches their options available on the desired type of car Evaluation of Options - The consumer decides which kind of mid priced family sedan to purchase Purchase - The consumer pays for the vehicle Post Purchase Evaluation - Ongoing process as the consumer analysis's their purchase of the car and whether the Camry was the best choice SKODA SUPERB Total Product Offering Core Product - A form of transport Expected Product - A mid range luxury car Augmented Product - Having a unqiue car as well as useful knowledge, among all the extras Potential Product - Invincible to crashes, ability to go from land/water/air, no need for driver control, etc. The Skoda Superb base cost starts at $43,461.56 Product Life Cycle The Skoda Superb is currently moving from Introduction to Growth. Being reintroduced into Australia in 2007 means the company is still spending a lot of money on development, as the brand becomes more known in Australia Branding Brand Name Awareness Skoda has had limited time to expand in Australia. It is therefore not as well known as the other brands. The Skoda Superb itself is little known also. Brand Loyalty Skoda, despite being lesser known receives good reviews and has a small but very loyal consumer base Perceived Brand Quality Before being made a subsidiary of Volkswagen Skoda was known to be a low quality car producer. However since the early 2000s when Volkswagen took over their quality greatly improved with better models and Skoda received better recognition Brand Association Skoda is associated with affordable, but luxury cars. Also with the connection to AFL, the GWS Giants Positioning Skoda is positioned to the middle aged developing businessman, with income of $80,000 and above. It occupies a minimal percentage of the car market in Australia (1.7%) and it has been trying to improve its positioning by joining with fashion label Blaak and sponsoring the GWS Giants Communication Skoda has had criticism for its lack of creating more regular advertisements to keep up to date By sponsoring The GWS Giants, Skoda has gained a large foothold in a devoloping AFL scene and this will help it in years to come, also giving it the abilty to compete with other companies who sponsor sporting teams Consumer Behaviour Need/want recogntition - The consumer decides to upgrade or needs a new car Information Search - The consumer looks up on various models and prices for their specific need Evaluation of Options - In looking for a mid rangfe luxury car the consumer would then decide to pick the Skoda Superb, or others such as Volkswagen, Saab and Volvo Purchase - The consumer buys the car Post-purchase evaluation - Ongoing step in which the consumer analysis's their purchase and whether the car fulfils their needs Skoda Superb Recommendation Positioning in the sporting world Sponsorship of famous Australian athletes for promotion and endorsement benefits Try to gain sponsorship of a summer sport/event to be thrust into the public eye Emphasis on Communication Promote their good reviews Excessive expenditure on advertising to gain a lot of notice Prime time TV slots, also gained from... Expand Target Market Skoda promotes their goal of selling luxury but affordable cars. They also have a small model the Fabia, however it has no standing in the small car market. By creating a good quality, affordable small car and then spending huge amounts of money on advertising, Skoda could gain a foothold in that market which can benefit them in the future Skoda may have to run on little to zero profits in the short run by spending a lot of advertising and communication but in the long run this will held them generate large profits GWS - A sign of things to come Continued sponsorship of the GWS Giants is integral. Like Skoda they are struggling at present, but as they become a more stronger, settled team, this will benefit Skoda as the club generates greater benefits from winning more
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