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Carley Russell

on 2 December 2013

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Carley Russell B3

Hill Country
Panhandle Plains
Piney Woods
South Texas Plains
This picture is a sand and mechanical weathering because the sand is taking little pieces of this plateau and the sand could be sand dunes which is mechanical weathering.
Big Bend Country
This canyon is an example of mechanical and water weathering because the water is carrying the sediments down and the sediments can be sand, silk, and mud.
Prairies and Lakes
The beautiful rock is plant and mechanical weathering because the colorful plants are wearing the rock down which means that this mechanical weathering.
Gulf Coast
This rock formation is an example of plant weathering ,chemical, Mechanical weathering because the red stuff on the rock is iron which if oxygen gets into the iron and makes it rust and it is also broken down by plants which means mechanical weathering is in process.
This an example of water weathering and mechanical weathering because the weathered sand is making a delta and a waterfall.
This is picture is a example of a mechanical and ice weathering because this rock formation was made by frozen water which cracked the rock which means ice is mechanical.
This forest in the Piney Woods region is an example of water and mechanical weathering because the water is breaking down the rock and the rocks are piling up to make a delta.
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