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The 2011 Norway Attacks

The horrifying story of Anders Breivik and his killing spree...

Max Tran

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of The 2011 Norway Attacks

2011 May Breivik rents a farm to store all the ingredients for his bomb. It also helps back up his farming 'alibi'
Breivik, attempts to buy a large amount of fertiliser. However the bomb requires ANFO, and the wrong type has been purchased...
Breivik also purchases some chemicals, but since there's such a low amount purchased, the purchase is not suspicious April The police are alerted if the explosion and emergency services rush to the scene of the bomb. Anders drives a white Volkswagen and parks it infront of Hoyblokka, the Prime Minister's office. A bomb is currently in the car.

Minutes later the car explodes. 8 people are killed and a following 209 people were injured, 12 of them seriously. 3:00 Breivik finally gets his hands on ANFO... 6:30 The police have arrived, after finding a suitable boat to get them across the river. Breivik is arrested without resistance, and the nightmare ends... So, in under three hours, the chart sums up all of the blood shed that day... The 2011 Norway Attacks A Project By Max Tran You should now have a basic grasp of what went down on the 22nd of July, 2011... Anders Breivik brutally murdered 78 innoncent people in two attacks. The first, an explosion outside the Government Sector in Norway and the second. a merciless shooting at the Utoya Youth Camp... But then again grasps are barely skimming the surface... To dig beneath, we'll need to 'dig' all the way back to 1999...
The year is 1999.
The Millennium and Y2K is approaching. Disaster has struck Vanatu, and the almighty Euro has been established... The Kosovo War? The Kosovo war, for people unfamiliar with it, was an ethnic battle fought between the Serbians and Albanians... Breivik was inspired by this war, and through his eyes saw it as Serbia's attempt to drive Albanian-Muslims out of Serbia... Breivik, arrives on Utoya Island, disguised as a police man, presenting himself as Martin Nilsen, as shown in the picture on your right. 5:20 On Utoya Island, participants of Workers' Youth League Camp are gathered in the main hall, to be informed about the event. 4:30 Breivik saves up money for his plan, and so terminates the lease on his apartment and moves in with his mother. After 7 years he has still told no-one about his plan... 2002 2006 Breivik's plan entails a bomb made of fertilizer and other chemicals. ANFO, which is banned from Australia and can only be obtained by people with licenses is highly explosive. So he sets up a fake company 'Geofarms' which is the perfect 'alibi' to support his need for ANFO... 2009 The next year, Breivik, attempts to purchase illegal firearms in Prague, but fails. Breivik then returns to Norway and decides to obtain the firearms through legal channels.

However, this proves tricky as he was required to regularly show up at a sport shooting club.

Besides his training at the club, he also sharpened his skills in countries with relaxed gun laws. There are rumors that Anders also practiced on the hit game, Call Of Duty, but Anders denied all of these. 2010 Breivik is now contemplating the disaster that no-one saw coming...
Besides that Breivik claimed to have taken part in the resurrection of the Knights Templar... However authorities are unsure whether this organization exists or not... An artist's representation of a Knight from the Knight's Templar A picture of a fierce battle fought out by the Knight's Templar... So what lies beneath the surface... The carcass of a building affected by the war... The bright fires of the war light up the sky... Breivik's farm being raided by the police... 22 July A 3D representation of the Government blocks and where the car was parked.. A bloodied woman in despair... Emergency services carrying an injured woman off... 4:00 3:30 The police and emergency patrols arrive at the scene,
but by now they are too late to realise this is only a distraction... Reports confirm that no Ministers, or the Prime Minister have been hurt or killed. 6:00 Breivik calls 112, the emergency number of Norway, to surrender. He hangs up and continues to kill. So we've heard one side of the story. It's time to hear Breivik's... To hear his side we'll need to delve into the 'nitty-gritty' of his life-story... Anders was born in 1979, on the 13th of February. His parents had divorced while he was just a toddler, and his father failed in his attempts for full custody... So, then, what really was his problems with Muslims? Well, it would seem that he had positives with Muslims, his negatives just outweighed them. He claimed he had several bad incidents with them in the past. Another reason for Ander's hate was the rising number of Muslims migrating into Europe. Breivik claimed that there was a need to protect the 'native white Norwegian' which brings us to our second question... Anders was angry at the governments and people of Europe for embracing this multiculturalism, and so lashed out against the government.

Apparently, the only way he could 'protect' Europe was through violence... As Anders grew into an adolescent, his behaviour was not what you'd call 'approving'. He had a passion for grafitti which resulted in two fines, and participated in the local Hip-Hop 'club' As he grew into an adult, he grew a hate for Muslim. Add a huge war that could spark inspiration and now you've got a potential terrorist... WAIT! There are two questions in mind now; Why did he bomb 'white' people instead of Muslims and why did he hate Muslims? To answer the first question, we'll need to answer the second question. So, why did he hate Muslims?
Well according to an interview conducted with himself, Breivik had actually had several Muslim friends. He even mentioned their loyalty! Even those watching the news were terrified! But imagine how a witness or survivor would feel? Well you don't need to, you can watch it... So, in the end how many people were killed and injured? Well the chart below is a rough representation... So how did Breivik's excuse stand up in court? Well after 42 days in court which were spanned over three months, three psychological evaluations, which judged him sane, Unfortunately, for all those affected by the disaster, the death penalty was not available, as Norway is one of 97 countries that have abolished capital punishment...Breivik was sentenced to the maximum 21 years in jail, solitary confinement with a minimum of 10... Ingrid Nymoen, a Utoya Island survivor said 'This crap is finally over. Life can start now.' Several organizations and dignitary figures around the world sent their condolences.

As a result of Breivik's rumored training on COD, several game stores around Europe took off popular first-person shooters as a result To end with, the following pictures were taken at the Flower March in Norway, in order to mourn the lost. But the flowers also represented that Breivik had not defeated the spirit of Norway and that the country still remained strong... News Report on Event Click to play! The island's manager, Monica Bosei, greets him but treated him with suspicion. He calls the island's security guard but they both end up dead. Breivik gathers everyone around on a 'routine inspection', and then starts firing... Breivik apologized to all the militants of Europe saying that he did 'not kill enough people' Anders was armed with a standard semi-automatic hunting rifle and a standard semi-automatic pistol. His youngest victim was Sharidyn Svebakk-Bøhn of Drammen, who 14 yrs old. Among the victims as well was Trond Berntsen, the step-brother of Crown Princess Mette-Marit. Now here's a quick question.
As much as anyone would like to see him put to death, Norway's maximum sentence is 21 years.
But should Norway make an exception this time, or have they done the right thing in abolishing the death penalty?

Food for thought... The reason for his solitary confinement, is because the police feared if put in a populated prison he wouldn't last a minute, as the rage from prisoners would lead them to kill him Anders Breivik in his youth Breivik's farm being raided by police Herald Sun (2012). Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik declared sane and sentenced to 21 years for killing 77 people. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/true-crime-scene/norwegian-mass-killer-anders-behring-breivik-declared-sane-and-sentenced-to-21-years-for-killing-77-people/story-fnat7jnn-1226457647737. [Last Accessed 25 August 2012].
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Wikipedia (2012). ANFO. [ONLINE] Available at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ANFO. [Last Accessed September 8th, 2012].
Wikipedia (2012). Oklahoma City bombing. [ONLINE] Available at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oklahoma_City_bombing. [Last Accessed September 8th, 2012]. The Knight's Templar was an organization of Knights which fought in the name of Christianity, killing and slaughtering the Muslims in an attempt to claim back the Holy Land... But why did he choose Utoya island to attack? Well, Utoya Island Youth Camp is home to Youth Members of the political parties. The whole purpose of this massacre is to 'punish' the government, but we'll talk more about the purpose later on. The horrifying story of Breivik's massacre across Norway... But that's not why we're here... We're here because of the Kosovo War... The organization lasted for two centuries during the Middle Ages. Many upon many battles were fought out between the Knights and Muslims...
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