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What's New in SolidWorks 2014

A complete list of enhancements in SolidWorks 2014

Jordan Tadic

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of What's New in SolidWorks 2014

SolidWorks 2014
presented by
What's New
Better contrast for color blind
Quickly access your recently edited features
Complete control over icon/font size
Save As
Auto open newly saved document while amending reference file names
User Interface
Sections Scope
A section plane can disregard specified bodies or components
Graphics-only Sections
Activate super fast graphics mode while viewing section for improved performance (no model editing)
Sticky Settings
Settings for Surface Knit Gap Control, Edge Flange Length and Position, and Hole Wizard End Conditions and Depth values are remembered for future features
Live rendering of transparency has been improved and optimized for performance
Lasso Selection
Use lasso mode rather than window mode for more precise bulk selections
Auto Scale
Initial rough sketch is automatically scaled to first dimension
Path Length Dimensions
Combinations of lines and arc can be summed into a total path length parameter
Sketch Picture Scale Tool
Imported image can be automatically scaled to preferred reference dimension
Auto Tangency for Conics
No longer have to manually add tangency to adjacent entities
Fixed Length Spline
Fix the overall length of a spline with a parametric dimension
Style Spline
A new way to sketch and fully define splines with construction lines
Replace Sketch Entities
Replace sketch entities while maintaining downstream relations to other features
Stick Fonts
Zero thickness fonts great for defining CAM paths
Parts & Features
Graphical Bleed Through
Model edges no longer bleed through thin geometry
Configurable Weldment Profiles
Quickly create massive libraries of common shape profiles in a single file with design tables
Configurable Equations
Tweak equations per each configuration
Slots in Hole Wizard
Create straight or arced slots for any hole style
Thru All In Both Directions
New end condition to save selection time
Deleting Child Features
Ability to choose not to delete children feature when deleting parent
Plane Normal Direction
Power to choose normal direction of reference planes
Plane w/ Line & Face
Aligns the X-Axis of the new plane with the line for a more predictable orientation than in the past
Reference Points
Can now be attached to sketch points and virtual intersections of geometry
Propagate Cut List Properties
Propagate cut list properties to exported part's custom properties or cut list properties
OLF SimpleSansOC
Sheet Metal
Volumetric Units
Gallons, liters, pints, cubic yards, and more are now supported
Default Density
Density of water is now used
Conic Fillets
New fillet with conic profile (rather than circular) defined by rho value or minimum radius
Hole Wizard
Show decimal values for letter, number, and fractional hole sizes
Swept Flange Flat
More control over flat patterns for cylinders and cones
Gusset Tool
Quickly add gusset forms to your sheet metal bends for rigidity
Corner Reliefs
Are now present and visible in both flattened and formed states
Bent Lofted Bend
Visualize the flat sections through a lofted bend in the formed state
Rotational Explodes
Add a whole new level of detail to your explode animations
Explode Manipulator
No longer need to hold ALT when re-aligning axes
Configs in Context Menu
Quickly select new config from pop-up menu
Rigid/Flexible Toggle
You can now toggle the state of a subassembly from the context toolbar
Multiple Flexible Instances
Sub-assemblies will now dynamically update in a more predictable manner
Mirrored Mates
Mirrored components now include advanced and mechanical mates
Asymmetric Mirrors
Position instances based on bounding box rather than center of mass
Select by Size
Tools > Component Selection > Select by size
FeatureManager Expansion
Subassemblies expand when components are selected in the graphics area
FeatureManager Memory
Deselecting an item will return tree view to previous position
Includes rebuild time in seconds and more new statistics
View Mates
Dialog can now be accessed for reference geometry, sketches, features, and faces
Curve/Sketch Driven Patterns
Previously only available for parts
Highlight Seed
When a pattern feature is selected, the seed highlights in a different color
Pattern Driven Patterns
(New name) Can now reference components in addition to features
SmartMate Sensitivity
Add delay to prevent unnecessary graphical previews updates
Locking Rotation
Concentric mates now include an option to lock rotation (also available on RMB)
Pinning Mate Tool
The Mate tool's PropertyManager can now be unpinned to close immediately
Default Mates
Cylindrical surfaces to axes now trigger the concentric mate rather than coincident
Quick Mates
Select mates from a context sensitive pop-up menu just like adding relations
Spherical Mates
Spherical bodies can now be mated tangent to non-planar faces, edges, and sketches
Slot Mate
Mate pins to slots with ease
Assembly Features in LDR
Easier to view features in assembly's FeatureManager
Pattern & Mirror
'Bodies to Keep' dialog appears when patterns result in multibodies
System Options > FeatureManager > Scroll selected item into view
Pattern Tooltips
View pattern name, type, spacing, qty, etc
Pack and Go Toolbox
Option to include Toolbox components
Updating Graphics
Turn on for use with LDR mode, so files open with almost no load time
Limit Mates
Configure upper and lower values of limit mates in design tables
"Resolved" and "R" has finally been replaced with "Unsuppressed" and "U"
"S" can be substituted for a "1" and "U" equals "0"
Recent Documents
Drag and drop into parts, assemblies, drawings, and windows explorer
BOM Toolbox Properties
Part Name, Standard, and Specification can be added to BOM columns
Notes Area
Static annotation plane normal to screen in parts/assemblies for tables and title blocks
Placed View Icons
View palette now displays all views with icons next to views that have been used
Replace Model
Replace models in pre-existing views with new PropertyManager
Edit Section Views
Edit pre-existing section views with same commands available during creation
Balloons References
Balloon references can be reassigned via right click
Dual Dimension Placement
Ability to split dimensions above and below leader line
Annotation Attachment
Redefine annotations attached view or sheet
View Label Tags
Recreate or customize view labels by quickly inserting standard tags
Slot Centerlines
Automatically create centerlines for slot features
Slot Callouts
Uses same format as hole callouts
Angular Dimension Snaps
Snap perfectly to surrounding dimensions
Angular Running Dims
Work similar to ordinate dimensions based on a shared zero angle reference
Datum Alignment
Snap datums to points rather than just lines/edges
Redesigned Symbol Library
Enhanced interface to simplify navigation and selection
Geometry Highlighting
Geometry associated with selected dimension/annotation also highlights
Predefined Sheet Formats
Predefine your preferred sheet format for secondary drawing sheets
BOM Sorting
Save sort settings to a BOM template or to a separate file to be applied to other BOMs
BOM Splitting
Predefine row number for BOM to automatically split at
Magnet Line Snaps
Soft snaps at every 15 degrees
Balloon Attachments
Easier to select and move balloon arrow heads onto new entities
Balloon Leaders
New alignment option to keep leader attached to balloon at all times
Balloon Qty
Option to adjust distance between balloon an quantity text
Dimensioning Arcs
Dimension two points on the same arc by holding SHIFT for first selection
Auxiliary View Alignment
Set auxiliary views and section views to be orthographically aligned to drawing sheet
View Label Font
Full control of font for all labels of all view types
Table Annotation Views
Tables can now be assigned to annotation views other than 'Notes Area'
Out-of-Date Drawing Views
Views no longer need to be redrawn before continuing your work
GD&T Compliance
GD&T dialog box supports changes specified in the ASME Y14.5-2009 standards
JIS Weld symbols
6 additional JIS weld symbols are available
Symbol File Location
Can save the GTOL.SYM file in any searchable folder
System Options > File Locations > Symbol Library File
System Options > Assemblies > Update model graphics when saving files
System Options > Performance > SmartMate Senitivity
Surface Section Views
Create section views of models that contain surface bodies
Auto Virtual Sharps
Create virtual sharps on the fly while dimensioning
Dimension Line Format
Explicitly control both leader and extension line font types and thickness
LXO Export
Export models as a Luxology Modo LXO file type
Save as PNG
Options to remove background and control DPI
New Scenes
Realistic natural landscape environments
Stretch Backgrounds
Option to stretch background to fit unique resolutions
Flattened Floors
Flatten portions of spherical scene environments as a floor appearance
Cartoon Renderings
Outline edges while simplifying shading to flat colors
Sun Light
Add new directional light based on coordinates, date, and time
Solar Access Study
Use animation wizard to animate shadows over the course of a given time range
Refining Renderings
Save image from refined preview screen
Animate Exploded Views
You can now view assembly instruction style animations in eDrawings
DimXpert Dims
Eliminate the need of paper entirely by viewing your DimXpert dimensions from part files
3D Content Central
Browse 3DCC and download file in eDrawings format on mobile device
Costing Options
Dialog box with system options specifically for the Costing module
Volume Options
Quick cost approximates by using simplified calculations based on volume removed
Loading Operations
New cost criteria measured in time for specific machines
Limited-access Template
Customers can now analyze costs without being able to access proprietary template data
Sheet Metal Scrap
Specify what percentage of material will be scrapped
Convert Cuts to Drills
Quickly toggle between cut paths and drilled holes
1. Faster rebuild time
2. Previous version interoperability
3. Slot Mate
4. Lock rotation of cylindrical mates
5. eDrawings for Android
6. Use concentric mate for axis to cylinders
7. Equally spaced linear patterns
8. External thread wizard
9. Sketch line starting from midpoint
10. Auxiliary line for dimensioning angles
1. Use more CPU cores
2. Create center of mass point
3. Don't delete children
4. Fix bleed through edges
5. Reduce drawing view bounding box
6. Control plane's front and back sides
7. Dimensions stay where you place them
8. Escape key to exit rebuild
9. Lock rotation of cylindrical mates
10. External thread wizard

Shaded views (without edges) -
Order independent transparency -
Large amount of threads in assembly -
Sections of parts/assemblies -
Animation rendering -
How much faster?
2,000,000+ Users
150,000+ Customers
25,000+ Schools/Universities
SW Community
150,000+ Forum members
61,000+ Certified users
232 User groups
4,500+ SolidWorks World attendees
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3,400,000+ YouTube views
Spool Enhancements
Spools may now include component other than contiguous route segments and fittings
Assembly Fittings
Routing Component Wizard now supports assembly fittings rather than just parts
O-Let Improvements
Use sketch dimensions to locate/orient O-lets
Slope Improvements
Add fittings, split routes, and add weld gaps to existing sloped routes
Library Component Wizard
Quickly generate SolidWorks 3D models to represent your components
Associate Model
Link your models to your library components
Mass update component properties
Setup Wizard
Easily optimize your settings for clean and detailed imports
rho = 0.1
rho = 0.4142
rho = 0.85
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