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Capitalization Rules!

When do I need to capitalize?

Jacqueline Paton

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Capitalization Rules!

When do I need to capitalize? Capitalization Rules! (Rayburn Middle School,
San Antonio, Brittany) Proper
nouns (English muffin, Sony television, Chinese food) Proper
adjectives (Coach Anderson, President Lincoln,
Mrs. Rhatigan) Title with a
last name (Vanessa asked, "What can I write about?") First word in a
direct quotation The Hunger Games, Seventeen,
The Simpsons Titles (Dear Mr. Chips) Letter opening First word of a
letter closing (Yours truly,) Anderson, Jeff. Mechanically Inclined: Building
Grammar, Usage, and Style into Writer's
Workshop. Portland, Me.: Stenhouse, 2005. Print. All information from
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