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How to be succesful in life?

No description

Julia Shevchenko

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of How to be succesful in life?

If something goes wrong ... Secrets of success or How to change your world Passion You should have a great passion for what you do. Do it for love, not money. Practice Nothing comes to you easily. You should practice every minute you have and work at self-improvement. Ideas Don't fritter away. Focus on one idea at a time. Take your time Time is the main resource. You shouldn’t waste your time - you should allocate it rationally. Persistence Don’ be afraid to fail. A failure is just an experience which makes you stronger. Dream Every day is another chance to make your dream come true Believe You are perfect, you are successful right now. Believe in it. Success How To Be Successful In Life? By
Gasilova Alexandra
Kazachenko Ekaterina
Shevchenko Julia 41% 19% Are you successful? Opinion pull 60% YOU can always have a FRESH START. Thank you for your attention!
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