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Foram Parajiya

on 26 September 2013

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The Herbal Products Of A Neem Tree
You will now see the herbal products of a Neem Tree.
NEEM TREE Introduction
The Neem tree is a very beautiful and useful tree. All the parts of a Neem Tree are useful in many ways such as medicines, oil etc...

In this presentation you will learn about the use of a Neem tree and how it is useful to us in our day to day lives.
There are many usefulparts of the Neem Tree such as:

Neem oil
Neem seed cake
Neem leaves
Twigs of Neem
Neem (leaf and seed) extracts
Neem bark and roots
Neem Tree Parts
There are alsso many uses of this tree such as:

medicinal uses
food storage
cultural importance
face wash etc...
Neem Tree Uses
leaves of the tree are dense therefore they provide us with shade
Neem leaves purify the surroundings and many Indians beging their year by eating a Neem leaf.
People also clean their teeth with neem twigs
drinking boiled neem roots prevents fever
applying neem leaf juice to skin make it smooth
More about Neem Trees
the neem is ver good for making fire
neem oil is taken from the seed
neem gum is used as an agent for preparation of special purpose food
the Ayurvedic made by Neem is the Indian Traditional Medicine
Facts Of Neem Trees
we hope you all have enjoyed our presentation and have learnt alot about the Neem Tree.
Ayurvedic Medicine
More Products
Neem Juice

By, Foram Group
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