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Invisible Man

Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

Dana Dana

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Invisible Man

Invisible Man
By Ralph Ellison Invisible Man -African American
-Invisible simply because people refuse to see him
-Very strong in thoughts but decisons are influenced by people around him
-Wants people to be proud of him
-When he was younger, his grandfather who was a former slave told him to YES the white people to death! College Prologue -Lives in the basement of an apartment rented strictly to whites that was abandoned
-His "hole" is the brightest spot in all of New York
-Has 1,369 lightbulbs in his "hole" -Went to college in the South where he must do everything that white people want
-The dean is Dr.Bledsoe and African American man who started low but worked his way to the top
-Dr. Bledsoe acts in self-interest instead of helping others. He is corrupt and has an inflated sense of himself. Power is more important to him than the good of people New York -Tries to get jobs using the "recomendation" letters that Dr. Bledsoe gave him only to later find that the letters were acctually letters made to NOT get him hired.
-Goes to work at Liberty Paint Company but an accident leaves him injured and with amnesia.
-In debt and with no job, he joins the brotherhood. The Brotherhood -Narrarator joins the Brotherhood as a speaker for the black community but is limited to what he can say
-The brotherhood turns out to be differrent than what he thought it was Brother Jack -Holds a high position in the brotherhood
-Allegedly aimed towards fighting unjustice (like black rights and women's rights)
-Jack uses the narrarator as a tool
-Jack doesn't care who gets hurt as long as he reaches his goals! Theme BE YOUR OWN PERSON! The narrarotor tried to make everyone happy and just ended up being miserable, he wasn't his own person, instead he was who people wanted him to be, people saw him as they person they wanted him to be, his real self did not exist, it was INVISIBLE.
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