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Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

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Angela Meekey

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

You will be shown a series of photos. Tell if each photo represents an item composed of an element, compound, or mixture.
An element contains just one type of atom.
A compound contains two or more different atoms joined together.
A mixture contains two or more different substances that are only physically joined together, not chemically.
A mixture can contain both elements and compounds.

Can you identify the following?

Detailed notes are located at:

Flow Chart:



Element, Compound, or Mixture?

Pure Water

Element, Compound, or Mixture?


Element, Compound, or Mixture?


Element, Compound, or Mixture?

Made of one type of atom
Cannot be separated into simpler substance by physical or chemical means.
Located on the periodic table

What are Elements?

Scientists like to classify things.
One way that scientists classify matter is by its composition.
Ultimately, all matter can be classified as elements, compounds and mixtures
Elements and compounds are pure substances
Mixtures are not pure substance

How is matter classified?

Classifying Matter:
Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures

8th Grade Science
www.middleschoolscience.com 2009


Element, Compound, or Mixture?


Element, Compound, or Mixture?


Element, Compound, or Mixture?

Neon Gas

Element, Compound, or Mixture?


Element, Compound, or Mixture?


Element, Compound, or Mixture?

Table Sugar

Element, Compound, or Mixture?

Jelly Beans

Element, Compound, or Mixture?


Element, Compound, or Mixture?


Element, Compound, or Mixture?

Mixtures vs. Compounds

Two are more atoms of an element(s) that are chemically combined (bonded together).
Smallest part of a compound that maintains the properties of a compound

What are molecules?

If the answer is yes, the matter is homogeneous (looks the same throughout).
If it can be physically separated it’s a homogeneous mixture

If it can not be separated then it is a pure substance –element or compound

Is it uniform throughout?

Matter is also classified by its uniformity
If the answer is no, the matter is a heterogeneous mixture.
Considered the “least mixed.”
Does not appear to be the same throughout.
Particles are large enough to be seen and to be separated from the mixture.

Is it uniform throughout?


A combination of two or more pure substances that are not chemically combined.
substances held together by physical forces, not chemical
No chemical change takes place
Has a random composition
Each item retains its properties
in the mixture
They can be separated physically

What are Mixtures?

Are the same throughout.
It is “well mixed.”
The one type of atom or compound makes up the substance

All pure substances are Homogeneous

Are made of 2 or more atoms of different elements that are bonded together

Made of elements in a specific ratio
that is always the same

Has a chemical formula

Can only be separated by
chemical means, not physically

What are Compounds?

Elements have names and chemical symbols of either 1 or 2 letter
H He Hydrogen Helium

Some are natural and some are synthetic (man made)

Currently there are about 109 known elements

How are elements represented?

The smallest part of an element
Atoms are the basic building blocks of all matter
Atoms chemically joined together are called molecules

What are atoms?

Matter is….
Anything that takes up space (volume) and has mass.

Water Rocks
Air Wood
Plastic You

What is matter?

Granite is a heterogeneous mixture

Sand and pebbles
Oil and water
Powdered iron and powdered sulfur

Examples of heterogeneous mixtures

What are Pure Substances?

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