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The Exchange Programme

Презентация к уроку английского языка по теме "Международные школьные обмены. Переписка школьников" в 5 классе (углубленное обучение).

Raisa Kirillova

on 6 December 2011

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Transcript of The Exchange Programme

The Exchange Programme

к уроку английского языка по теме "Переписка школьников"
Учитель: Кириллова Р.П.,
МБОУ гимназия г.Узловая
Тульской области
e-mail from an English girl

FROM: Kerry

TO: Pupils of the 5 A Form

SUBJECT: I’d like to be your pen-friend

SENT: 1\ 12\ 2010, 8:30

Dear friends,
I was very glad when my Russian teacher found me your address. I am going to tell you something about myself.

I am 10 years old. My birthday is on March 10. I am in the 1st form. I started learning Russian. I want to visit Russia one day. By the way, do you speak English?

There are 4 of us in our family: my mother, my father, my sister Cheri, who is 7, and me.

We live in London. Our house is quite small. It has a nice garden at the back and a small one in front.

My father likes gardening. My mother loves flowers and we always have them in the house.

Soon we are going to celebrate Christmas. It is my favourite holiday. My Granny will come to visit us. I think she will bring a present for me.
How are you going to celebrate the New Year? Do you get many presents?

I hope we’ll be friends. Write to me soon.
Best wishes,

Let's prepare for our meeting.
Can you guess these places?
How can we organize our spare time?
We can
make a trip to Tula
show our town/ school
organise a concert
What can we show in Tula and in Uzlovaya?
The Teacher's Present
Tula cake is so tasty!
We are proud of our native town!
Проект урока
Коллективное письмо зарубежному другу
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