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The cay

No description

harold smith

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of The cay

The Cay
By John Smilikis & Brendan Lombard Characters Phillip:
Prejudice-he insults timothy being black
Blind -making him dependent on Timothy
rude-he treats Timothy poorly
Immature-thinks war is just a game
Impolite- talks to Timothy without saying "sir" Timothy:
Strong- he protected Phillip from the storm
Intellegent- built a hut without help
Religious- believed stew cat was bad luck
Old- in his late seventies
Respectful- Calls Phillip boss or "Bahss" Stew Cat
Loyal- stayed near Phillip or Timothy on the island
"Bad luck"- Timothy believed he had to do some spiritual thing to get rid of Stew cat's bad jumbi
Good friend- Phillip/Timothy talk to him a lot, even though he can't talk Setting Devil's mouth,summer of 1942 Phillip
Stew Cat Plot Devil's mouth, spring/summer of 1942 Raft Climax A hurricane comes and Timothy dies to protect Phillip, but leaves him alone with Stew Cat. Submarine Island Hut Blind Grave return Glasses Thanks for watching! Phillip, an eleven year old boy, is stuck on a raft with a old black man and a Stew Cat. His mother told him that black people are different and to stay away from them. Something unusual happened that makes Phillip blind and dependent on Timothy. Brendan's reaction to the cay.

I thought that the cay taught a valuable life lesson of respect and responsibility. With this being said I enjoyed reading The Cay. John's reaction

i thought that this book taught a important lesson: it doesn't matter what color your skin is, it is what kind of person you are that counts.
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