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Kelly Wood

No description

Blake Griebenow

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Kelly Wood

Kelly Wood
HUman resorces Agent Selection
F.B.I When looking for an Agent what do you search for in their Background ?

Arrests, we speak with neighbors, co-workers past and present, education, employment ,driving record and fingerprints. What are you looking for in a FBI Agent?

4 Year degree
3 years working experience with 4 year degree
second level work experience, motivation etc. What is a typical day ?

I looking through current applicants, new applicants and call them to set up an apointments for PT, Lie Detector and Interviews. Who or What infulenced you ?

I was right out of High School and looking for a job. I applied then got a job in the mail room and I've worked 14 1/2 years to get where I am today. 'What do you like best about your job ?

It is very rewarding to give postions to Agents who help our country and to work with dedicated and highly motivated individuals. What Special Tatical Groups dose the FBI have ?

We have HRT (Hostage Rescue Team), SWAT and Hazmate. Will you hire me to be HRT ?

Yes i will. Any Asperations to get promoted ?

If I am offerd a management postion I would take it but if I don't I am very satisfied with where I am. None Special Agent/Support

We have everything from general clerks to computer science, evidence, photography and survalence professionals. If you could have any of the none special agent roles which would it be ?

I would like to be in survalence. I would have applied to Minneapolis if they had that positon but at that time they did not. Does working for the FBI affect your views on current events ?

No, it does not affect me. Also, I don't get into politics very much.
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