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Kansas City Chiefs 2011-2012 Marketing Plan

Marketing plan for the Kansas City Chiefs for the 2011-2012 NFL Season By: Mike Glenn and Jason Gavigan

Mike Glenn

on 1 May 2012

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Transcript of Kansas City Chiefs 2011-2012 Marketing Plan

2011-2012 Kansas City Chiefs Marketing Plan

By: Mike Glenn and
Jason Gavigan Executive Summary The Kansas City Chiefs are dedicated to bringing the entertainment of professional football to the sports fan in an exciting and affordable way. It is our priority to deliver this entertainment without jeopardizing a high quality experience. We want every game at Arrowhead Stadium to be a memory that remains for a lifetime. Problem Need to increase the attendance of families at Kansas City Chiefs games Mission Statement Solutions •Create Family packages
•Include more family oriented entertainment at games
•Pre/post game family events at Venue
•Partnerships with local businesses that are geared towards kids/families Situation Analysis •The New York Giants currently have the worst family attendance with 7.4% of its average attendance per game being families (couples with at least one child)
•The highest percentage of family attendance is the Dallas Cowboys with 14.2% of its average per game
•The Kansas City Chiefs average family attendance per game is currently at 10.7% around the middle of the pack in the NFL
•Increasing an average family attendance rate by 5% can be a tremendous increase in revenue for a given year
•Families are also expected to spend 0.4% more money on sporting events compared to last year when families spent an average of 1.2% of their annual income on NFL related spending Target Market •The Target market would be Married Couple Families with children under the age of 18 years old This demographic made up 36.21% of Kansas City’s total households, which was 183,981 people in 2009 The average income for a household in 2009 was $42,000. Features We have 4 main marketing solutions to improve family attendance at games for the 2011-2012 Chiefs season which included:

•Create Family packages
•Include more family oriented entertainment at games
•Pre/post game family events at Venue
•Partnerships with local businesses that are geared towards kids/families These solutions will hopefully spike attendance rates for families by providing incentives and special deals for families to come to games

We are also concentrating on making the venue a more family friendly environment by having more family oriented entertainment and activities that will engage a family at all angles

By doing this we will hopefully increase average attendance, gain fan loyalty, as well as increase overall revenue for the year. More Families = More Money. During the 2010-2011 season the average family of four spent $250-$350 per game attended including tickets. Primary Objectives 1 2 •Increase the average family attendance at Kansas City Chiefs games by 5% during the 2011-2012 season •Increase the general visibility of the organization within the Kansas City community, at venues and locations that may influence families to attend more football games for entertainment purposes. Strategies •Partner with several different organizations in the Kansas City area to promote and organize joint family events. •Offer discounts and incentives to families that attend 2011-2012 season football games at partner businesses. •Invest in childhood education programs within the Kansas City community and build a better reputation with the family and youth base. Tactics The Kansas City Chiefs believe in our city and our community. It is our goal to better connect with all of these groups during our playing seasons, as we recognize the family and youth of our great city will be the backbone of our future fan base. Through increased family awareness and promotions we will build a stronger fan base for the Chiefs and a stronger community for Kansas City. Questions? We are currently working on several projects which include:

B&G Club: Chief for a day program
YMCA: Kids take the field
KC Pop Warner: Youth football clinics Chuck E. Cheese
Ocean/Worlds of Fun Amusement Parks
Jaegerz Lazer Tag In the process of implementing a Junior Chiefs Literacy fund for children who reside in Kansas City. This is a program that helps bring books and programs to enhance literacy amongst the youth of the city. Erik?
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