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Career Shadowing

No description

Loren Taylor

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Double click anywhere & add an idea Ocean nternational Suppliers Inc. Loren Taylor Period 4
Career Shadowing This business has been running for about 15 years now.

You have to be friendly / a people person because they meet most of their clients and have to deal with them when something goes wrong. The Company: Employability Skills: Oil rigs that need alloy building material will call them.
You would need business degrees.
They would send you to business seminars. In 15 years they would like to be expanding by bringing in more customers Computers skills Basic computer programs. office skills. Its a commission based. This company is based in Lakeland, Florida. Then they will call a company that makes them and have them shiped to the people who need them. The company and Me: I don't think that i would persue a career in this company. They sit in an office all day makeing phone calls all over the United States. I would have to be somewhere where you can keep moving and not sit behind a desk all day. I did like the fact that they don't just do business in Florida. Peer Evaluation Peice: 1. Four, They need to be perfetional on the phone but other than that they don't really go anywhere. 2. Five, they spend all day on the computer and on the phone.
Thats what their job requires. 3. Three, they don't write a lot but when they do it has to have every thing spelled right. 4. Yes... Whatever happens in one day is what the company is for that day. 5. I learned that it is hard to get alloy matterials.
Also that getting things from other states to the ocean is hard. I Career Shadowed a lady named Anna Mette Bokneberg. The End
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