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Universal Design for Learning

No description

Linda Eastlund

on 26 November 2017

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Transcript of Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning
How is talking about variability the same or different as talking about disability?
Resourceful, knowledgeable Learners

Until learning has no limits
Strategic, goal directed Learners
Purposeful, motivated Learners
Is she a Gen Ed or Supported Ed Teacher?
Or is she an IA?
Is he on an IEP, general ed programming, or is he gifted?
You can change anything about yourself quite quickly.
All you have to do is give up the belief system that says it takes a long time to change.
Robert Anthony
Harvard Business School
How My Perspective Changed
True or False:
2. Traditional schools make up the most common form of education in the United States.

3. Alternative schools often include religious, home school, and online learning.
Multiple Choice

4. According to the passage, traditional schools
a) Always offer quality education
b. Mostly offer quality
c. Usually offer quality
d. Can offer quality.
1. Which one accurately paraphrases the central point of the passage?
Traditional education is:
a. Student-center, teacher driven
b. Teachers offer knowledge/students embrace it
c. Teacher-centered and students are repositories of information
d. Teacher-driven and students-motivated
Students no longer label themselves

C- = "I am.
F = "I am not."
Students become expert learners.

Teachers become expert learners.

I had to be ready to embrace a significant paradigm shift. In light of the perpetual lack of time, I made a realistic goal of five years to change.
This is about becoming better learners, both teachers and students alike.
Sharing best practices is the most concrete way to teach teachers about what UDL looks like.
Technology is society's new reality; teachers deserve to be kept up to date.
Technology is the most obvious way to keep students engaged.
Language is critical for paradigm shifts
Education fundamentally affects social justice; my objective is to ensure equity among all populations.

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