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Money Making Big Data Machine

Are you ready to give your data a different dimension and make them a product to sell and a new revenue stream? Take a look at presentation of Martin Záhumenský (CEO, Adastra Partnering) from today’s Adastra Big Data Hadoop breakfast briefing

Adastra Partnering

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Money Making Big Data Machine

Martin Zahumenský
Adastra Breakfast Briefing

BUT, customers are sensitive
Data Exchange
How do you use data today?
Internal risk evaluation
Shopping habits
Risk profiles
Media habits
Together, you know
a lot about John
Internal customer segmentation
Habits related to own brand
e.g. Insurance company looks at basic socio-demo to estimate risk premiums
e.g. Alza knows habits of customers at Alza but not in Nay shops. Do they differentiate what they buy where?
e.g. Bank segments a communicates at its customers based on income
No information about competition
Only limited picture related to own business
National highway survey
Use satellite navigation provider, telco service provider, fleet management hard data to evaluate travel patterns
Market Insights
You already buy multiple surveys based on small samples and soft data.
Interested in
competitors market shares
of milk products? Tesco could sell you this insight.
Generate & store data
Build the infrastructure, gain the talent needed and start storing the data
Combine data & create true value
Monetize externally
How to start generating value?
Service users
e.g. Customer opening a bank account
Customers provide consent
Types of consents:
data handling
3rd parties utilizing data
Analyze market dynamics
Target specific populations
Understand competition
Improve the bottom line
Customers want products / services
Apply internally
Using aggregation solutions merge your data with other providers

Create a new & stable revenue stream
Public good
Corporate Value
Health analysis
By combining multiple data sources ability to analyze patient health better than top doctors (e.g. IBM Watson)
Business Intelligence
Customer Insight
Targeted Marketing
Don't lose valuable assets
Based on searches, email communication, chats, browsing history, map searches, online shopping, mobile usage...

Google provides optimal flight selection
Google Flights & Now
To speed up insight generation and decision making (all elements of data monetization) business users are bypassing IT and investing in data visualization (Tableau) or data discovery platforms (Qlikview). These platforms help users ask and answer their own stream of questions and follow their own path to insight. Unlike traditional BI that provides dashboards, heatmaps and canned reports, these tools provide a discovery platform rather than a pre-determined path.
Externally accessible (web app)
Simple payments & subscriptions
Simplicity before complexity
How does it differ from internal use-cases?
Predictive analytics
Full text search
Unstructured information
String data
Advanced Campaign management & open APIs
value proposition
Data monetization roadmap
Big data technology
Business intelligence
(Tableau, QlickView)
Targeted marketing
(IBM Unica, SAS)
External data monetization
CEO Adastra Partnering
+421 949 430 970
Martin Záhumenský
Technology is just as important
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