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Executive Health Group

No description

ahmed eltayeb

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Executive Health Group

5- Some companies didn’t allow EHG to directly market their services to employees

a- For Companies that didn’t allow EHG to directly market their services to employees (EHG can initiate web site to contact them and increase segmentations) or by phone call then outdoor meeting

b- Use the web site to reduce the cost of ads for new services, products

c- Increase the income by advertising for other companies and other products or services as health news , regime methods …….

d- Can be used as MIS tool (marketing information system)

e- can be used for reservation and fill application online to reduce waiting time and cost for consumers , so will lead to the price of examination will be lower and also a paperless way and also used as a tracking tools and data base

6-Statement ‘’five minute physical could kill you’’
Executive Health Group

5- Change the slogan statement to for example ‘’ EHG for better lifes ‘’ to be salience
Ahmed Magdy
Ahmed Mohamed El-tayeb
Mohamed Osama
Mohamed Kamel
Adham El-ataar
2-Unsolicited sales associates
3-Exam price $660/exam plus lab expenses $100 /exam on average
4-EHG didn’t accepted third part payment
1- Health care doesn't cover all examinations
7-Communications ways (Radio spot high cost)
8-How the company could increase the retention period
9-Little sells team
10-Narrow age category target
11- most customer suffer from quality and effectiveness of routine office physical examination because most physicians were working under managed care contract so they try to handle the patient as quickly as possible.
1- Web site initiation
2- Build well trained sales team
3- The examination price can paid as installments instead of on shot
4- Offers for non-basic examinations (to overcome on the non-covered examinations)
6- Enlarge the individual consumers (babies, children, pregnant women)
Or corporates segmentations (schools or universities, sport clubs)

Brand management


Market positioning

Marketing management
the main problem :
- stagnant revenue (the company revenue doesn't increase during last 3 years )

what company's CEO try to do :

- reposition the firm
- strength the brand franchise
- grow share in competitive environment
The main subjects in this case related to our studies :
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