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Why should people like soccer

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 14 December 2017

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Transcript of Why should people like soccer

Why should people like soccer
I played a soccer game on the TV in the cafeteria
this gave people the option to watch it. Even if
the only people who watched it were people that
already like soccer it is worth it because at least
I brought joy to them. Then they can try and
get other people to play with them.
I'm giving people the choice to watch or play soccer. I'm not trying to force other people, everyone has their own Opinion and we need to respect that.
The game
Soccer isn't just a game. Soccer is a lifestyle. People like myself constantly look for things to use as a soccer ball or even a goal. Some people eat sleep and breath soccer.
By: Zachary Nelson
Give it a chance, you might like it. Nobody SHOULD like soccer but it is a great sport.
I hope that by going through this presentation it encourages you to at least try playing soccer. Hey, you might actually like it or be pretty good at it and if not it is still a very fun sport to play.
Thank You for your time
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