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Finding Nemo- Stages of Grief

No description

Mariah Danneman

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Finding Nemo- Stages of Grief

Mariah Danneman Finding Nemo Nemo's Dad, Marlin, experiences
loss when a fish ate his wife and kids.
Nemo was the only survivor and Marlin
wants to take care of him. Three stages of grief:
- Anger
- Acceptance
- Denial Anger: When Marlin woke up and finally realized what the fish did to Coral and his kids, he was angry at him. He was sad because he thought he was all alone, but he found out he had Nemo. Denial: Marlin doesn't want to face
that he lost his wife, Coral, and kids.
He was happy that he had Nemo, but
he didn't understand why it had to
happen to him. Acceptance: Marlin had to accept that
most of his family was gone. He also
needed to take responsibility for his
one remaining son. It would be hard to go
through what Marlin did,
but I would have to be
strong and move on. I
would deal with it like he
had, taking care of Nemo
and moving on with his life.
I would carry on the memory
of my family and make sure I
took care of my child. THE END!
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