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Louis Rier was saviour and traitor .

No description

Tara Henderson

on 16 March 2017

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Transcript of Louis Rier was saviour and traitor .

Louis Riel: Hero or Villain?
Why a villain?
Why a hero?
In 1869 the New Dominion of Canada got land from The HBC
Louis Riel was the leader of the Metis people
He was the first leader of Manitoba
Manitoba is part of Canada because of Louis Riel

By Joel Schwersensky
Louis Rier was saviour and traitor .
He was canadian politicin and fouder of manitoba .
Born in the Red River Settlement on October 22, 1844
He was Metis ( mix of Aboriginal and European)
Metis have their own culture, traditions, and language

In 1884 Louis Riel was asked to help the Metis people in Batoche
He said yes and fought against Canada
He lost and was put in jail
Louis Riel was found guilty. He died November 16, 1885
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