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Advanced Resumes and Cover Letters

No description

UW Bothell Career Services

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Advanced Resumes and Cover Letters

Cover Letter: Overview
The subjective piece of your application

Writing sample

Allows the employer to know you and your intentions or committment without meeting you

Every word counts

Market the specificity of your studies to show how it can be applied to the position

Know your audience
Bullet points
Memo format
Executive summary

Complementary to the resume

Resume: Overview
Write the resume for the job that you want, not the job that you have

Customize each resume

Keywords and target skills

Accomplishments and core competencies

List your key achievements and experiences

Know your audience
Industry-specific terminology

Define the
unique values
you bring to the table
Resume: Components
Name and Contact Information
Email, phone, and LinkedIn (showcase portfolio)

Summary of Qualifications
Select unique skills
List skills that are transferable and specific to job description
Include competencies that are proven throughout the resume

Title sections in your resume to highlight experience
Professional commitments or associations
Research, project management, leadership, training

Relevant Experience
Internships, volunteer, or professional work
Community service and civic engagement

Education/Credentials (placement depends on relevance)
List undergraduate
graduate education
research, projects, presentations, group work, and publications

Graduate Professional Development Series
Hosted by Career Services and the Graduate Departments
Chronological, Functional, and Combination Resumes

Professional consistent styles, punctuation, and fonts

Usage of resume "real estate"
Prioritize bullets and sections in order of relevance

Captivating action verbs and appropriate verb tenses

Quantify wherever possible to demonstrate knowledge of metrics, outcomes and evaluation

Be specific!
What Recruiters Want
Cover Letter: Preparation
Advanced Resumes and Cover Letters
Autumn 2014
Create a master resume and update it annually

Talk about experience without "aging"
“25 years experience”, “seasoned executive” or “extensive background"

Professional commitment and associations critically important

Join a board for leadership development

Assemble a professional portfolio

Techniques for Career Changers
Objectives of an Advanced Resume
Who am I professionally?

What do I do?

What do I
to do?

What is my ________________ philosophy?

What unique value do I bring?
Buzzwords to Avoid
Cover Letter: Outline
Manage your references
Contact them prior to notify them
Provide resume and job description
Ask each reference to highlight diverse skill sets

Recommendation/Endorsement on LinkedIn

List references on a separate page
Indicate reference name, contact information, and brief explanation of relationship

Select 5-8 notable pieces from your professional portfolio

From these, choose 3-5 that provide evidence of desired skill sets

Assign portfolio pieces (research, accomplishments, work experience, etc...) to chosen skill sets

Have drafts reviewed

Position you're applying for
Where you discovered the position
Who you know
Thesis sentence of why you are qualified

Explain 3-4 desired skills for the position
Provide evidence from your portfolio for each
May split this section into multiple paragraphs

State company values/missions/goals and how you can contribute
Closing remarks
Best Practices
Have somebody review your application materials

Manage your application process

Personal branding
Consistent fonts across all documents
Consistent letterhead or signature
Consistent name, phone, email, address (use appropriate and personal email, not work)

Manage your social media presence
Curriculum Vitae (CV): Overview
Graduate level, doctoral driven environments

Typically for applying to teaching and research postings in a university or research setting

Comprehensive, more extensive document

Multiple pages (professional 2 – 4 pgs., more experience 4 – 7 pgs.)
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