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Penicillin Presentation

No description

Kaitlin Henry

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Penicillin Presentation

Penicillin: "The Wonder Drug" What is it? How was it discovered? ". . . and the practice of medicine was
forever changed" Economic change Cultural change 147,874,294,765 ish By Kaitlin Henry ". . . arguably the most (Penicillin-nucleus-3D balls) (Activity # 49-50 Penicillin) (Aussie Inventions) (1896-Clarence Menorial Wing St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London) (Sir Alexander Flemming in his Lab) (1920 tech.co.cc) (Worse than swine flu?) (Antibiotics: How they Work) (Dominos Anyone) (Increase in World Population Since the Availability of Penicillin) (Smoking Ban on Stage in Scotland Challenged) (Life Saver) (Penicillin) (Penicillin Resistance Increase Morbidity and Mortality for Pneumococcal Pneumonia) (Progression of Penicillin Resistant Streptoccus Pneumoniae) (A Solution to Antibiotic Resistance) (How many lives has penicillin saved) (Deland) Important discovry in medicine" (Saeed)
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