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The Grid Method

No description

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of The Grid Method

The Grid Method
History of the Grid Method
The Ancient Egyptians used the grid method
However, the Renaissance artists used the grid method in their works
Not much is known on when the grid method was first invented, let alone who invented it
Basically, many, many artists used the grid method one way or another throughout history
Famous Artists Who Used the Grid Method
Chuck Close
M.C. Escher
Leonardo Da Vinci
Albrecht Durer
Van Gogh
And many more artists!
Chuck Close
Chuck Close is a famous artist
He is known for relying heavily on the grid method throughout his art career
In this video, he explains why he relies so much on the grid method
M.C. Escher
M.C. Escher was a world famous graphic artist
Well known for his works featuring irregular perspectives that are impossible in natural form
Used mathematics in his works, such as geometric grids
M.C. Escher's Works
Drawing Hands
Ascending and Descending
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