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Spirit Bear

No description

Chloe d

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Spirit Bear

What is the scientific name for spirit bear?
The scientific name for the spirit bear is
Ursus americanus kermodei
, or the Kermode bear for short.
Spirit Bear
Is there a spirit bear real?
The spirit bear is real, actually a sub-species of the North American Black Bear. It is a rare genetic effect that all bears in the northern wilderness might make the white bear known as the Kermode bear. It is near impossible to breed Kermode bears in captivity.
What do spirit bears eat?
95% of the spirit bear's diet is salmon. It also contains nuts, berries, fruits, roots, grasses, other plants, insects, deer and carrion (dead animal flesh).
Are there a lot of spirit bears?
No, there are not that many spirit bears. We cannot get an exact number, but we know that they reproduce very slowly. They are very rare and seldom seen.
Where would you find spirit bears?
Great numbers of spirit bears are found on the islands around the North central coast of British Columbia. The white coated spirit bears are found most frequently on Princess Royal Island, situated between the coastal mainland and the Queen Charlotte Islands.
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How long do spirit bears live?
Spirit bears live for 25 years or longer, but only 50% of cubs make it to the age of 2 years because of predators and natural causes.
How big are spirit bears?
A fully grown spirit bear weighs around 200-300 pounds. When walking on all fours, its body length is about 5-6 feet. Also when walking, its height is around 3 feet.
By Mackenzie Schreiber, Chloe Dehmlow, Ozzie Frolich, and Jay Glidden
What is the Legend of Spirit Bear?
The Kitasoo Xaixais people believed that ravens made one white spirit bear for every ten black bears to remind their people of a time when their land was once covered with white glaciers.
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