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The Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

There is a group of people that believe that the moon landing was fake. It is known as the moon landing conspiracy theory.

Kosha Trivedi

on 5 March 2011

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Transcript of The Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

The moon landing conspiracy theory
states that the Apollo program (moon landing-20 july 1969 )
was a hoax staged by NASA. There are no stars in the background of the
pictures that were taken on the moon
(sky is black in the
picture) Why some people Believe in it In the pictures taken by the astronauts
the shadows are not black. Objects in
the shadows can be seen, sometime fairly
clearly. Hoax believers claim that the
radiation in the van Allen Belt
and in space would have killed the
astronauts in a minute. What it would take for me to
to believe in it PROOF If there was an actual scientific reason claiming we didn't land on the moon If some renowned scientist believed in the theory. If any Apollo astronauts/ NASA hint that it was fake. ( if Neil Armstrong came and told me he didnt land on the moon) If the lunar sample that was brought back turned out to be fake. If we go back and there is no evidence that we landed on the moon. (no landing site, rover, flag etc) What is it The conspiracy theorists argue that NASA mislead the public into
believing moon landing happend by tampering with the evidence. The American flag was waving when
the astronauts were assembling it.
Conspirasicts say that this must have
been from the errant breeze on the set.
A flag wouldn't be able to move in a

The Moon Landing Hoax Danger in believing Weaken the relation between the
government and the public. Public will loose respect/trust
in NASA and other government
leaders It will become hard to trust
the government with any thing
else. It will have a huge negative
impact on space science and
space research. Debunking conspiracy theories debunking the astronaut shadow myth debunking "Multiple Light Source" myth debunking moon flag waving theory Neil Armstrong - first man to
land on the moon First lunar sample brought
back from the moon Lunar rover "That's one small step for man,
one giant leap for mankind" - Neil Armstrong people believe that this was faked because
when sky is black on earth, we see stars but "MOON IS NOT THE EARTH" :O therefore stars could be there but
just too faint to be seen As Carl Sagan once said
"extraordinary claims like
faking the moon landing
require extraordinary evidence"
The undeniable fact:
The special equipment placed on the moon by the astronauts is used by scientist around the world, to reflect laser beam back to earth. if moon landing was fake, then how did the equipment get there? Maybe Aliens!!!!!!!!!!!!!
or even better
COWS!!!! By : Kosha Trivedi
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