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Demi Lovato

Group#24 Fredericks & Duval

Kristina Fredericks

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Demi Lovato

Kristina Fredericks
Natasha Duval Demi Lovato Biography Relationships - Raised in Dallas, Texas
- Parents divorced when she was two
- Began her acting career on Barney at age 7
- Began to play the piano at age 7 and guitar at age 10
- Was enrolled in dancing and acting classes
- Was bullied a lot as a child Childhood Personal Struggles - Big debut in the movie Camp Rock at age 15
- First album, "Don't Forget" September 23rd 2008
- Starred in her own Disney Sitcom called Sonny with a
- Second album, "Here we go again", 2009
- In 2010 she headlined her first
international tour, the South
American Tour. Young Adult - Hasn't had much luck with relationships.
- Dated Joe Jonas in March 2010
Were on tour together.
Only lasted a few months
- Started dating Wilmer Valderrama in
November 2010, on and off relationship
over the years. - Suicidal thoughts at age of 7
- Developed an eating disorder
- Started to cut herself at age 11
- Suffered through
depression. Break Down Jung Persona: talented, confident, strong, happy, mature, outspoken

Shadow: depressed, secretly a mess inside, rejected herself, sneaky, manic, manipulative

Introverted, she keeps a lot of her
feelings to herself. Adler Middle child. Her older sibling Dallas is an
actress too and served as the "pacemaker".
- Middle children are more prone to depression.
- Felt neglected by her Dad and this contributed to
wild behavior.
- Dates actor Wilmer Valderrama, who is more
than 10 years older than her to fulfill her missing
father role. Goddesses A New Start - Reaches out to her fans and talks about bullying and anorexia.
- Becomes a role model for girls to be healthy and love their
- Ambassador for the organization called Pacer. DSM-IV-TR - Axis I: Clinical Disorders
* Bipolar II
* Bullimia Nervosa

- Axis II: Personality Disorders
*Slight Avoidant personality disorder

- Axis III: General Medical Conditions
* none reported

- Axis IV: Psychosocial and Environmental Problems
* parents divorced * remarriage of parent * bullied as a child
* home schooling * stressful work scheduled * family health problems

- Axis V: Global assessment of functioning
* 11-20 (hurting self) to current 71-80 (symptoms transient) Persephone: possesses an introverted
temperament, close relationship with
her mother, is said to have a younger
counterpart to herself (relates to her
bipolar side), she's vulnerable, and
has grown through suffering.

Artemis: she is a sister and a
competitor, has a lot of ruthlessness
and rage. She is achievement
oriented. Born: August 20th, 1992
in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Parents: Diana Hart De la Garza
Patrick Lovato

Siblings: Dallas Lovato
Madison De la Garza

Ethnicity: Mexican, Irish,
Italian - Had a problem with drug abuse.
- Sucker punches backup dancer, Alex Welch in 2010
- Enters a treatment facility to confront physical
and emotional issues.
- In January 2011, completes inpatient treatment
and is diagnosed bipolar. Erickson: Initiative vs. Guilt
Freud: defense/sublimation Group
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