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Anna McKeen

on 2 December 2009

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Transcript of Phosphuros

(P) ` Anna McKee
1st period Discovered by- German Physician Hennig Brand

When- 1669

How- Bran was heating and puritying urine

Historical Fact- Brand was trying to find the "magic subsctance" to turn lead into gold
Catogory- non-metal

White: 1.88 grams per cubic centimeter
Red: 2.34 grams per cubic centimeter
Black: 3.56 to 3.83 grams per cubic centimeter

Melting point- 44.1'C

exposed to air= catch on fire
left in the dark= glows.

1. Matches - white phosphorus
2. Hand grenade - white phosphorus
3. Signal Flares- White Phosphorus
4. Fertilizers and other farming products- White Phosphorus
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