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Red Bull Brand Audit

No description

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Red Bull Brand Audit

Brand Audit
Garret Verhoff
Charlotte Shmavonian
Dylan Martinez
Harmony Cairns
Michael Loran
Meet the Team


Brand Ownership
Red Bull Energy Drink
Full flavor and sugar content.
Red Bull Sugar Free
Sugar free with 10g of carbs
Same caffeine content and supplemental ingredients.
Red Bull Total Zero
April 2, 2012
Zero calories, Zero Carbs
Red Bull Editions
Flavors released to fire back at competition.
Brand Inventory
Brand Elements

Brand Inventory

Brand Inventory

Brand Inventory

Brand Inventory
Brand Inventory

Brand Inventory

Brand Inventory
Brand Inventory


Brand Exploratory
Brand Exploratory
Brand Resonance Pyramid
Brand Exploratory
Competitive Analysis
Strategic Recommendations
Tactical Recommendations
Brand Portfolio

Discontinued Products
Red Bull Cola
Red Bull Energy Shots
In house communications and production @ RB Media House

2007 RB Media House established multi platform media firm with a focus on sports, culture, lifestyle.

Began in Europe and quickly expanded to N.Y. and Hollywood.

5,000 videos 50,000 photos free of charge to consumers.

Most content high quality enough to be considered network ready!
Sports and Culture
Consumer Knowledge
The concept began in 1984 with Dietrich Mateschitz and Chaleo Yoovidhya.

Each invested $500,000 into the new business and took a 49% stake (plus 2% for Yoovidhya’s son).

Mateschitz spent three years working on the packaging and formula.

A friend of Dietrich’s came up with the slogan “Red Bull gives you wings."

April 1, 1987- Red Bull was released in Austria.

10 years later, it was brought to the United States.

Sponsored their first athlete in 1989; Austrian Formula 1 driver, Gerhard Berger.
Privately owned company.

Red Bull has been successfully managed by only three people within its history.

Its co-founder Chaleo Yoovidhya passed away in March of 2012.

Dietrich Mateschitz now owns 98% of the company; leaving two percent ownership with Yoovidhya’s son, Chalerm.
Red Bull has been a notorious leader within the energy drink market.

Invented a new product category and produced a culture within it.

Secures its premium pricing through controlled distribution and executing necessary marketing communications.

-memorable logo, presenting limited energy drink options, and strategically sponsoring appropriate athletes

Red Bull is a worldwide leader in the energy drink market. In this section, their positioning will be summarized along with an evaluation of some possible points-of-parity and points-of-difference.
Reward Loyal Client Base
Faces for Charity
Wings for Life
Red Bull implemented campaign that raises funds for the Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation.
Founded by Dietrich Mateschitz, Wings for Life’s goal is to provide a cure for spinal cord injuries.
Energy drink industry within the United States is worth more than $12.5 billion.
Initially established by a couple of investors: Rodney Sacks and Hilton Schlosberg.

April 2002, the partners presented Monster; an energy drink priced the same as Red Bull, in cans twice the size.
Founded by Russell Weiner,
Rockstar was initially distributed
in 1999. Owned by him and his
mother. This Las Vegas-based company
was originally financed with $50,000
from Russell Weiner himself.
Burn Energy Drink was created
by Coca-Cola in the year 2000;
originally debuted in Northern Europe.
Burn is the official drink sponsor of the
Sochi Winter Olympic Games & collaborated
with David Ghetta.
Lucozade is a popular energy drink in
the United Kingdom, Australia, and
New Zealand. Available in two versions,
energy and sport, Lucozade was created in 1927.
This brand is comparable to the popular
United States’ sports drink, Gatorade.
AMP is an energy drink produced and distributed by PepsiCo under the Mountain Dew soft drink brand.
It was launched in 2001 to compete with Red Bull.
Amp Energy/Pepsi Co.’s largest sports sponsor is currently co-titling the Hendrick Motorsports NASCAR
Sprint Cup Series team.
Introduced in early 2000's by Coca-Cola.
Has 7 energy drink products and the flavors
are divided by their various can sizes.
This company sponsors gaming and
motorsports such as NASCAR and drifting.
Has 3 brand ambassadors.
Full Throttle was created by Coca-Cola in 2004 and targeted 20-30 year old men who were interested in motorsports. Does not have an actual corporate website nor, does it have any brand ambassadors. Remains the official energy drink of the NHRA Drag Racing Series.
Points of Parity
Points of Difference
Brand Mantra
Suitable for any active lifestyle.
Do not define what an extreme lifestyle actually is.
In doing so, they have ultimately become more than a brand, they are a lifestyle.
A brand mantra that captures these ideas may be,
“Inspires Greatness, Fuels Adventure.”
Leverage the Company's Independent
Legacy and Concentration
Connect with the Female Consumer
Attack the Oversaturation in the Industry
Use Marketing to Reach Older Consumers
The creative strategies within their advertising and marketing should incorporate illustrations of this successful bond.

It can be executed by releasing incentives (products) in competitions and/or holding events that reward their loyal consumers.
They have an extensive line of distribution, compelling marketing capabilities, and relatively low labor costs.
Red Bull should promote the fact that they are the
of the energy drink industry.

Due to the fact that they are approaching their 30 year anniversary, this positioning should resonate well with consumers.
Endorsements of athletes in traditionally male-dominated sports. This is a perfect opportunity to transition its primarily masculine marketing/advertising.
Red Bull should update its ambassador list to incorporate more women.
Use these women ambassadors in international marketing/advertising efforts

Red Bull is highest price energy drink on the market
Red Bull uses television, social media, and internet to get the message across.
4 pack 8oz $8.00
12oz $3.00
16oz $3.70
Red Bull needs to continue distinguishing itself from the competition; remaining number one.
Need to constantly create and execute large scale attractions within their experiential marketing.
A large opportunity for brand expansion presents itself amongst an older target audience (35-47 year olds).
This could be executed through product line extensions such as coffees, espressos and hydrating beverages.
Red Bull Apparel
Brand Pillars
Red Bull has highest presence in most countries= 166.
Red Bull sponsors most sports and athletes= 100
Rockstar and Monster use their female models for photo ops and as the face of their company.
Red Bull uses their models by placing them in teams of customized/branded Mini Coopers to drive around metropolitan areas

Red Bull distinguishes itself from its competition in a few ways:
extensive product research
customer-centric marketing
sponsoring extreme events with a large marketing budget
utilizing incredible means of communication
Top seller: sponsor unique events, have a distinguished logo, and utilize buzz marketing.
Targeted burned-out high school and college students.
Get consumers excited about their products and the brand through sports,music, and gaming.
Professional athletes= ambassadors. Over 560 athletes, competing in 67 different sports, within 640 countries.
Financially support all ambassadors.
Play an active role in all events.
Consumers are exposed daily to creative content that feature the brands ambassadors.
Red Bull has a surprisingly diverse and large product line.
Over 100 different apparel product offerings.
- Apparel line is tailored to Red Bull's marketing events.
- Apparel sold exclusively through E-commerce
Event-related apparel:
- Red Bull Racing
- Red Bull Air Race
- Red Bull Stratos
- Red Bull Crashed Ice
- Global Rally Cross
Red Bull Distribution is Eco-friendly and cost effective.

- Wall to Wall to production allows for cans to be produced and
and bottled in one facility.
- saves 3.5 million miles of transportation costs & emissions per
- Red Bull uses trains and ships as primary transportation systems
- Can design uses 40% less space than glass bottles
- 30% less than PET bottles

Red Bull Distribution Breakdown
-72% Regional Distributors
-13% Bars & Nightclubs
-7% Gas Stations
-5% Traders
-3% Other Resellers
Red Bull is recognized worldwide as an adventurous and spirited brand.
Spontaneous corporate culture.
Supports over 500 extreme sports athletes.
Take pride in helping to facilitate some of the most overlooked sports.
Host and sponsor a variety of fun/refreshing events and competitions.
Some of the most popular competitions are Red Bull Flugtag, Formula One Racing, Red Bull Air Race, Freestyle Motocross, and Red Bull Jaws.
Brand Salience
-Red Bull's Brand Salience is it's presence within the
energy drink market.
Brand Performance and Identity
- Red Bull's brand performance and identity is it's high
price which equates consumer perceived value. It's
brand identity also lies in its main product attribute,
- Their brand identity also is closely associated with its
involvment in extreme sports.
Consumer Associations
- consumer feels Red Bull has a dominant position within
the energy drink market
- consumers associate Red Bull with freedom &
- Red Bull has extremely loyal customers and has gained
trust within the consumers mind.

Today’s average consumer is not typically looking to quench their thirst, they are looking for a benefit produced by the product.

Consumers are attracted heightened alertness. Similar to coffee, Red Bull uses a blend of caffeine and vitamin-B to combat mental, as well as, physical sluggishness.

Athletic consumers choose Red Bull for the following reasons: increased awareness, focus, and concentration.

Surveys and research have proven that some groups associate the beverage with partying. This group typically mixes the beverage with alcohol producing inebriation and heightened alertness, although scientist have found this dangerous to individual health.

Media Advertising
Red Bull utilizes all available media channels. They consist of TV, Radio, Press, and Internet
Their advertising campaigns and ability to maneuver using different media channels to send the message is impeccable
Their advertising campaigns and ability to maneuver using different media channels to send the message is impeccable
Key element in RB marketing efforts
Red Bull employs one of the largest street teams in the world
The brand has a solid understanding in the fact consumer contact in large volume is valuable regardless of how much it costs
There are a few guidelines the brand has to keep the consumer experience consistent. They are as follows…(Never impose the product , Always explain the benefits of the product, Drink a full can, Serve Chilled, Be cautious as to whom you're sampling the product too i.e. pregnant women, children, caffeine sensitive individuals, Is this sample going to the intended target
Experiental Marketing through events, specifically geared towards action sports and pop culture.
Each event serves a purpose to engage with a specific group or community.
Thank you
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