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No description

Deryn Cuello

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of rainforest

RAINFOREST animal life life inside the wet and bustling tropical rainforest
is filledwith danger cougars and pumas stand ready
to pounce;snakes sliver unseen between feet to
adminstration a leathal bite.while toxi cbirols
fly over head.an animal must be both smart and
strong competition from other species makes
rainforest species the most intersting The greatest cause of tropical rainforest destruction today comes from human activities, which, unlike natural damage, are unrelenting and thorough. Although much of this deforestation is driven by national and international economic forces, a significant proportion serves no long-term purpose; it results from subsistence activities on a local level. Many of the effects from human-induced destruction of the rainforests are probably irreversible within our time.

human infulences
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