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Social Medial Workshop University Tilburg

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Transcript of Social Medial Workshop University Tilburg

Waiting on an airport
Not nice
It can be different
Use the same name on:
Website: corporate
Facebook //samename
Twitter: //samename
LinkedIn: //samename
Youtube: //samename
Slideshare: //samename
Step 1
Free internal Social Media
yammer cubetree of socialtext
Setup wiki's and groups to learn from each other
Social Media
Find - Connect - Tools

The value of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system (n2)
Best Case examples
Word of Mouth
Your Identity - Brand
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Stap 6
Go out and look for yourself
Go practice inside
We are where our customers are
We have the profile of our target group
We translate our core qualities on social media
All employees have a smartphone
Before the end of the year we have 100 relations on LinkedIn
2014 we spend 10% on advertisement on LinkedIn (B2B), Hyves or Facebook
Vacancies LinkedIn or Twitter
In 2014 we don't do ....
We know what makes us attractive ....
Reschedule time and budget
Start small
Hold on
You don't build a brand in one day
Branding is repeating and
Fiends and family
International oriented
Staff Assosiation
More on news
Local advertisment
Employee association
Low educated
Women and children
Video channel how to present yourself. Live broadcast. Visual oriented learning.
Search and be seen
You maintain and enhance your network
The four levels:
Level 1: The ones you know
Level 2: The challenge. If they ever would know what you are doing!!
Level 3: Grows naturally
Level 4: Out of your network
A way to show where you are.
The bar, shop and work!
Combination fun and badges
Earning discount
What will your brandname
Sharing knowlegde
Branding and knowledge workers
Groups for your knowledge
Network 31-years
Network 49-years
Network and age
Peter Bernsen
Strategy Social Media
Who has access to the accounts!
How to work together in one organization
Do we speak the language of our customer?
Do they feel connected?
Stay authentic and congruent!
Internal Wiki
Internal focus on client
Internal Digital facebook
Internal Learning-Connecting
Internal Twitter
Before starting.... what you should know
Business page
What channels are relevant
Follow people on twitter
LinkedIn: expand your contacts, search knowledge groups
How active is the competition
Know what they say about you
Social Media
Meeting places
SMS-Mail = tweeten

Tweet (message) is max 140 signs

E-translation of Twitter

Follow - the ones who send mail to you
Followers - the ones who recieve mail from you
Tweet: your mail message
Retweet (RT): Forward to
Directmail (DM): Mail to one person. You have to follow each other
Hash sign #: it's a hyperlink in a tweet
Trending topic: popular # at that moment
On tour
Social Media
Find - Connect - Tools
Post -Phone
Language - Translate
Transport - Virtual Workplace
Google now app?
Menno Lanting
Connect - Iedereen CEO
Worst Case examples
Customer Contact Centrum
Wrong identity
United Break Guitars
David Carol 2009
Meet your collegues
Google each other
Use "", - operators
Make 3 groups of 3
Result: Prezi-mindmap
Go to www.bernsenconnect.nl
Contact Delicous. University
Is this channel interesting for me?
Next step:
Find pages that are interesting
Make a frame in your prezi group
What makes FB-commercials different?
What is the difference PP and Fanpage
Put it in your prezi
Make your profile 100%
Find tweets on a location that may interest you
Use: Twitter, Hootsuite or Tweetdeck

1. Search for operators in hootsuite

2. What do you want to find!
Make a new circle in Prezi to add your results

3. Make a prntscrn from your klout.com, mirror.me
Go to Yammer:
Login: yammer.com
! How to inform each other
Make you own map and add
a printscreen to your map
! Give labels meaning
Seach knowledge groups and add them to a new prezi circle
Try to setup your
own Ad campaign
What are the costs?
Visit: facebook.com/FacebookMarketingUK
“LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 100 million members and growing rapidly. LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals.” (LinkedIn Learning Center)

Simply, LinkedIn is a social media site much like Facebook, but is strictly for professional interaction and networking
Agmented reality
Online Offline QR
Make your own
Can we make a hangout?
Make a form
Connecting the channels
Google adwords
- The competition in words
- Make your own campaing
- Make prezi circle: comments
Google analytics
Google search branding
Make a new circle and search for your interest in google+
Co creation
?46 mln viewers what company
Day 1: Social media in perspective
The history and future of SM
Examples good and bad
How to
What to do as a starter
Day 2: Platforms and tools
The best social media platforms
Integration tools
Why we talk:
- to make life easier
- to build relationships
- to help each other
- to craft your identity
How we talk:
By listening and responding
Multiple leightweight interactions
Who we talk to:
small groups to 50 people
we talk most often to people like ourselves
What do people talk about
- personal experiences
- other people
- people around us
- feelings not facts
Top 3:
Check your strategy
Why: Help people build relationships
How: Create lightweight interactions
Who: Optimize strong ties
What: Feelings, not facts
Step 0
Thanks your 2mln fans
Be inspired
Can an airline company
go social?
Best viral 2012 17mln Samsung
40 mln views
Challenge problems
Introduce yourself

Prezi introduction
McDonalds is facing trustworthy problems
From 60 tot 30 minute response time
Visit twitter site KLM
Nestle vs Greenpeace
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