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Sir Alexander Mackenzie Timeline

No description

elloello :P

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Sir Alexander Mackenzie Timeline

First voyage.
His goal was to
get to the Pacific Ocean.
But ended up in the
Arctic Ocean. June 3rd 1789 Born in Stornoway,
on the Isle of Lewis
in Scotland. 1779 Left for England for 6 months
to learn about navigation, cartography, and astronomy. Knighted by King George III
and became
Sir Alexander Mackenzie February 27th 1802 Second Voyage.
Reached Pacific ocean on July 22nd 1793. October 10th 1792 Went to North America
with father. 1774 Died at the age of 56. March 1802 Sir Alexander Mackenzie 1764 Entered fur trade
for 9 years.
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