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Let me tell you about Homestuck.

Note for fans: I know I forgot a lot of points about the story, like the different worlds, weapons, relationships, and etcs. This is a school project and I can't tell all of them...Sorry >v>!!

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Transcript of Let me tell you about Homestuck.

Let me tell
you about
Homestuck Mariña Gándara Serantes
3º ESO, A
Nº 08. What is Homestuck? The author The characters The Beta kids. John Egbert Considered the really main character. His birthday is on April 13 and he's 13. He lives in Washington. He’s an honest boy, he loves computers and bad movies and he likes to do bad jokes. He plays the piano. Rose Lalonde They are the first characters to appear in the comic. Dave Strider Jade Harley The Alpha kids. Jane Crocker Originally John's grandmother. She’s generally kind and friendly and she listens to others, but she’s quick to anger. She likes men with moustaches, baking and detective stories. Roxy Lalonde They appear long afterward. They are the child version of Beta kids' parents. Dirk Strider Jake English Her birthday is on December 4 and she’s 13. She lives in New York. She’s a formal and serious girl. She likes wizards, knitting and the Psychoanalysis. She plays the violin. His birthday is on December 3 and he’s 13. He lives in Texas. According with the webcomic, he’s a very cool and ironic guy. He likes bad comics and he hates Puppets (but his brother loves them). He uses a mixing equipment. Her birthday is on December 1 and she’s 13. She lives in the Pacific Island. She’s a silly and friendly girl. She likes the gardering and the fauna. She plays a electric bass guitar. Originally Dave's brother. Dirk usually teaches lessons to his friends. He likes anime, horses, puppets and robots. Originally Jade's grandfather. He’s sociable, adventurous and a bit weird because he lived all his life in an island. He likes guns, movies and adventures. Originally Rose's mother. She’s informal, sociable and euphoric, sometimes. She likes felines, alcohol and wizards. Other characters. During the story, the webcomic has a lot of antagonists and different characters like Cal, Jack Noir, The Exiles, Midnight Crew, Lord English, Doc Scratch, Becquerel, and a long etc. The trolls [I]-Lowbloods Aradia Megido Aries, Burgundy blood. After her death she was kind, happier and enthusiastic. Before, she always looked bored. She likes adventure movies. Tavros Nitram Sollux Captor Karkat Vantas Tauro, Bronze blood. He lost his legs in a “mysterious” accident. He’s very peaceful and sensitive. He likes fairies and card games. Geminis, Yellow blood. He has two personalities (like a bipolar disorder), he’s a bit introverted and juvenile. He likes bees, honey and computers. Cancer, Mutant blood. Very low esteem, he gets angry very easily (He's always angry) but he cares for his friends. He likes romantic movies. The trolls [III]-Highbloods Equius Zahhak Saggitarius, Indigo blood. Like Karkat, he gets angry easily. He’s very strong and he likes art, robots, horses and being strong. At first he didn’t like Lowbloods. He sweats a lot. Gamzee Makara Eridan Ampora Feferi Peixes Capricorn, Purple blood. Considered one of the most important characters in the comic, he loves clowns. He ingests sopor lime (that’s like a drug for the trolls) and he’s very quiet, but when he hasn’t more, he turns into a dangerous murderer. Aquarius, Violet blood. He has a massive ego and he can’t make friends easily. He likes magic, wizards and tales about leaders and conquerors... Pisces, Fuchsia blood. She’s energetic and optimistic, she gets excited easily and, even if she has the highest blood colour, she never had airs. The trolls [II]-Mediumbloods Nepeta Leijon Leo, Olive blood. She’s very kind and friendly, she loves cats and role-playing. She loves match all her friends in the “shipping wall” in her bedroom. Kanaya Maryam Terezi Pyrope Vriska Serket Virgo, Jade blood. Very maternal, she takes care for her friends. However, she can be very vindictive. She loves style and she makes clothes for her friends. Libra, Teal blood. She’s blind but she can smell and taste the colours. She’s civil, manipulative and socipathic at the same time. She loves dragons, plushies, chalks and justice. Scorpio, Cerulean blood. She gets easily bored, and because of this, she loves to cause ‘’accidents’’ to her friends (In this case, Terezi, Aradia and Tavros), and in addition, she thinks she has a terrible luck. Homestuck is a very popular webcomic written in MSPaintAdventures (a webpage created by the same author for his own comics). In each page we can find GIFs, Flash animations or maybe playable scenes.

Fans participated in different parts of this webcomic giving names to the characters, composing songs or making some designs, for example. Other fans do fanarts, Cosplays or voices in videos for these characters.

WeI’ll only talk about the characters and the troll culture. Some examples: People don’t know very much about him. He lives in his study, in Boston. He wrote a lot of different stories and little comics; the most famous are “Problem Sleuth” and “Homestuck”. He appears in the webcomic in different occasions, painting himself in grey or killing his characters. Normal page: http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005572

GIF page: http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=007287

Flash page: http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=007611

Playable page: http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=002010 Plot This story starts with John’s birthday, on April 13th. He and his friends Rose, Dave and Jade start to play a new reality-altering game for the computer called Sburb, and it starts with an apocalypse. They will meet a lot of creatures, visit many planets and, maybe, fight for the peace. Ancestors Each troll has an "Ancestor". They were very important in the past. Troll culture A project from my English 3rd term. Their culture changed after one of the Ancestors, Meenah, founded the game. They live in Alternia, and each troll (like the kids after entering in the game) has his/her own planet. The blood is their caste system; the lowest is the Burgundy, and the highest, the Fuchsia. They have a very weird bisexual reproduction. Two adult trolls must give genetic material to an Imperial Drone. It’s like a genetic material collector; They pick up it in buckets and then they give it to the Mother Grub, who creates thousand of eggs. Because of this, buckets are like a sexual thing for the trolls. These eggs hatch into grubs and, after their pupation, if they survive to the different dangerous trials, they are chosen by a Lusus (the equivalent to a custodian). Reproduction and famillies Matesprit. Known as love in the human romance.
Moiraillgence. It doesn’t involve reproduction; Moirails are like Best friends in the human language.

Kissmesitude. This is like a hate-love relationship.
Auspiticism. This type of Romance appears when one troll enters in an actual Kissmesitude relationship between two trolls. The third must improve the relationship.

Nepeta usually ships her friends in the wall of her room, called Shipping wall. In addition, for the trolls “friend” and “enemy” are the same word. Romances These are a bit difficult to understand to people. *Red romances (positive romances):

*Black Romances (negative romances): Other things Instead of “years”, Trolls have “Solar Sweeps”. They are equivalent to 26 Earth months more or less, so the main characters have 6 Solar Sweeps (13 Earth years), and some of us have 6,92 Solar Sweeps (15 years). In addition, their “Wriggling day” is equivalent to our birthday, and the “12th Perigree’s” Eve is the same as the Earth Christmas. Alternian calendar "Typing quirk" Each troll has an own type of strange writing. Our main characters writes like this: Conclusion In this project I learned some new English words and I discovered some things about the characters that I have never seen before, and the same with some pictures and scenes.

I’m not happy at all with the project because I want to explain a lot of points about the story...But possibly, some of them are a bit difficult to understand to my classmates. Even if this subject was boring for them, I enjoyed this project because Homestuck changed a bit of my life, and I want to talk about this comic to all people. One of the facts of my actual Homestuck addiction is because it’s a funny comic, if you start it you can't stop! And here is it; Homestuck in my life. The End?
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