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Comon Company Presentation 11/2013

Okyay Senturk

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of ComonCV

About us...
ATraq now world brand...
ATraq is recommended by Tyco, Bosch and GE to the international security community.
ATraq to new horizons...
ATraq changes vision of the company to integrate full security suite
Baby steps...
Updates corporate identity
And another...
New product
Capital investor and present day General Manager Okyay Senturk starts up the company.
First Automation Software
Comon Professionals completes first automation, ATraq, and implements it into Pronet (the largest security company of Turkey)
Comon Professionals is a software company designated specifically for the security industry
Access control
Fire detection
Guard Tour Systems
Vehicle Tracking
New products... new business
Alarm Monitoring Automation Software
Guard Tour Automation System
AEyes Online CCTV Automation
ASponz Emergency Response Automation
97% of Turkish Market
5300 downloads in 44 countries and 19 different languages
Makes up 83% of corporate revenue
Over 100 systems functioning in Turkey
Our first Recurring Revenue model (rental)
Full support from Turkcell
AMetri Online Telemetry Automation
Project initially designed for TT
Planning to use AMetri outside of Turkey
Source codes shared by Jablocom for CCTV Automation
References include:
and more than 150 more alarm receiving centers
actually all banks...
Who is Okyay Senturk?
Born 1972 in Australia
Highschool in Turkey

Graduates Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Boğsphorus University 94'

eMBA Bosphorus University 97'

Worked at Arsis Security as VP between 1995 and 2002 then moves on to set up Comon Professionals

Board member of GESİIDER, ÖGF, TOBB and Turkish delegate of ÖGF in European Security Confederation CoESS.
Summary Income Statement
Pricing/Sales Policies
Downloadable from the web for free trial version capable of handling 100 accounts.
CAPEX model selling at a minimum 3,120.00€ per ARC
Moving on to OPEX model with monthly recurring revenue
Will be charging
0.99€/0.49€ for Lite Package
0.24€for Enterprize
0.07€ for Extreme (with extra downpayment)
Uses Server/Client topology
Uses Microsoft SQL Server
per account per month
An OPEX model with online access to the device through GSM.
The prices start from 79,90TL +VAT per device per month.
RFID Tags and Cards, and all other accessories are sold

We plan to add new solutions such as NFC communication through mobile phone applications, lone worker solutions (with GPS) and time and attendance solutions.
RFID Reader transmits data through GPRS to AGuard online Automation
All SIM cards are Turkcell and property of Comon Professionals
For the Turk Telekom project we have charged 7.50€ +VAT one time costs. They call their project BuluttÖlcüm
We will be setting up our own website (AMetri) and market the solution to the international market.
We will be charging 7.50€ per device per month with limited storage
EDS (a local technology manufacturing company) has produced a device that sends measurements of heat, pressure, depth, noise, etc. to our AMetri online automation.
Cost of device: 300 - 350€ (depending on shipment quantities)
Monthly fee 79,90TL (approx 30€ per month.
Payout 18 months
Non-binding contract
Last 12 month churn rate 5 contracts (5%)
Non-refundable logistics 10 TL (approx 3.70€) one time cost.
Fixed cost for GSM SIM 3.75TL+tax
7.50€ per device per month fee for international customers
We have no significant local competition (Only Securitas which uses their inhouse developed solution only in their own projects)
Expected growth
Tepe Security contract to use device in all projects as of 2014 (approx 700 devices)
ISS (Turkey) to use time and attendance in all projects (approx 900 devices)
Secom (Japan) plans to use AGuard in all Secom International projects (but if automation installed on Japanese server) (approx 7000 devices)
Turkuaz planning to use AGuard for newspaper distribution (approx 700 devices)
Sales targets
With local devices subsidized, the number of locally rented devices will be over 2800 pcs in 5 years
We plan to go international through our ATraq partners and reach 10,000 devices in 5 years
Turk Telekom plans to have 9000 devices on the field within the next 2 years.
We plan to present the solution to other international telecom companies and have at least 6 new countries using AMetri in the next 5 years
A total of 50,000 recurring revenue accounts are expected.
After rebranding the Jablocom automation to AEyes, we will be selling the Jablocom cameras and allowing people to rent hard disk space for video recording.
This project is supported by Turkcell and will be a Superonline Cloud default service under the AEyes brand
We expect to have around 3000 CCTV cameras sold in the 5 years and allowing third party sales people with other equipment to also subscribe to the AEyes service.
We expect to have installed this solution into India by 2015 in collaboration with Ortem (the local solution provider) and ATraq II.
The Indian Government is presently negotiating with Zicom (Indian ARC using ATraq) about giving service for facing the domestic violence and home arrests issues with our solution.
Complete ATraq II automation and move 50% of present ATraq users to ATraq II (totalling 200,000 accounts)
Embed ATraq II with Tyco for increase of 200,000 yearly
Have at least 1,000,000 accounts within 5 years
With a capital injection of 1,000,000€ we plan to have:
1,000,000 contracts and 1,800,000€ per year for ATraq after 5 years
12800 contracts and 1,900,000€ per year for AGuard after 5 years
50,000 contracts and 4,500,000€ in total for AMetri
3000 contracts, 1,200,000€ sales 300,000€ per year for AEyes after 5 years
10,000 ASponz devices sold with 700,000€ in total.

1,075,800 contracts and 10,400,000€ revenue
Bringing the company value from 1,500,000€ to 60,000,000€ in just 5 years

Thank you
Comon Professionals
Copyright 2013 ©
Prepared by Okyay Senturk
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