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The Pasig river pollution

No description

Leo McDonnell

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of The Pasig river pollution

The Pasig River Pollution
By Dan Gaiewski, Max Cartier, Leo McDonnell

How long is the river?
The river is approximately 17 miles long.
When did the pollution begin?
Since after World War 2 or once World War 2 ended
It starts in Lauguna Bay and ends in Manila Bay in Manila, Philippines.
Where is the Pasig River located?
What are the sources of pollution?
Raw sewage and the Pasig River
is located in the center of the city
so it would be non-point source
Household waste, it is non-point because there are many houses near the Pasig River
Sulphur, Heavy metals and nitrates, is a point source pollution, it is coming from the factories nearby.
How many people live near the waterway?
How has wildlife been affected?
It has been so polluted that it is no longer capable of sustaining life only to Janitor Fish and Water toads
How unsafe is the river?
It is so unsafe you are not allowed to bathe and drink. If you wash your clothes in it your clothes will turn brown . You can no longer fish, it will kill all the plants on the floor.
Are there plans to clean up the river? What are those plans?
Their plans are to have sponsorship to pay for the clean up. They are collecting ideas from environmental agencies, to clean up the river it could take years to clean up the river it could take years to complete. They are managing 10 materials, recovery facilities and recycling equipment.
What technologies are being used to clean up the river?
A shredder, oven smelter and a baler was giving to the cleanup crew but it was misused so it was suspended. It was scheduled to have 10 of each but 4 has only been avaliable.
What is the estimated cost of the cleanup
The estimated cost of cleanup is 17.7 million USD
The population of Manilla (the city in which the Pasig river is located) is 1.661 million!
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