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Plot Diagram Ayn Rand's Anthem

No description

Evelyn Coronado

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Plot Diagram Ayn Rand's Anthem

Plot Diagram On Ayn Rand's Anthem
Anthem is a communist community in which Equality, the main character lives. In this community its people have no freedom, no opinion, no voice. They are just used as laborers.
Rising Action
Equality meets and immediatley falls in love with "The Golden One".
He is secretly working on what he thinks is the discovery of electricity.
He is then beaten almost to death for not telling others where he has been.
Equality exposes himself and his invention to the House of Scholars where he is looked down on.
They tell him that his act is illegal, so he runs off into he uncharted forest to hide.
Falling Action
The Golden One follows after Equality into the forest.
They find a house and decide to move in.
In that same house Equality finds a book and discovers the word "I"
Equality and The Golden One live happily in the forest and make it possible for others to escape and live freely as well.
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