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War Child : Emanuel Jal

No description

Brandon Cruz

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of War Child : Emanuel Jal

The Memoir
War child begins with Emmanuel as a 7 year old boy, when his home is raided and his life changes for ever. This book, similar to
Lost Boy, Lost Girl
, is non- fiction and is by the child who faced this grueling experience himself, Emmanuel. The Sudanese Civil war is taking place and the small village the he lives in, is torn apart from the war. His family is continuously moving consistently and this is because of the Islamic government taking resources from the small tribes and villages. When his father joins as a commander to the SPLA, (Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army) he loses his mother and after is told that she is dead. Emmanuel was forced to join too later, and as one of the many child soldiers, he goes through points of starvation, at times where he feels cannibalistic, and at times of suicide. He miraculously survives His story continues and he goes on to making music and has many albums that are very famous in Kenya.
War Child : Emanuel Jal
I am proof that one person can rise above any challenge, and if I can, then so will others if they are given the chance.
- Emmanuel Jal
"Sometimes words are not needed, and the simplicity of expressing yourself through an art form is one of the best ways of communication.
- Emmanuel Jal
"When you don't educate the people, you're crippling them. You are, you're not giving them ways to survive."
- Emmanuel Jal
"I lost my childhood. I didn't play football or video games. Or have birthdays or the love of a family."

-Emmanuel Jal
"Only a coward will use a gun to protect and get respect for themselves" -
Emmanuel Jal
"Education is the only solution for peace."
-Emmanuel Jal
Brandon Cruz
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