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10 Reason's Why Teens Drop Out Of High School

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Emmily Potts

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of 10 Reason's Why Teens Drop Out Of High School

10 Reason's Why Teens Drop Out Of High School
Lack Of Educational Support
Studies conducted on 5,000 high school dropouts revealed 75% drop out of high school. Because they lack sufficient parnetal support and educational encouragement.
Lack Of Interest
One of the biggest reasons a teen will drop out of high school is because they simply lack the interest in gaining on an education. Out of 10,000 public high school drop outs 7,000 of them confesses to their lack in interest of complete high school. Most often this is due to the generic course curriculum offered to public high school students ,where by a number of students simply become bored
Physical Abuse
Teens that are victims of domestic violence such as physical,verbal and sexual abuse ten to drop out of high school before obtaining their high school diploma. In most cases a nu,ber of teens experiencing abuse will run away from homw, thats causing then to drop out.
Teen Pregnancy
In the past, teen pregnancy accounted for 15% of the high school drop out rates rates among teen between 15-18. However, these numbers have sharply declined to about 4% on the average. A number of public school have opted to reform the school to cater to prenant teens. Some states have high schools specif
Alternative Lifestyle
Drugs & Alcohol Abuse
Drugs and alcohol abuse s with in the 3 top reasons students fail to complete thier high school education. It goes with out saying that teens on drugs will rarely complete high school.
Depression & Physical illness
Depression and illnesses can be the result of an eating disorder, heredity, family or financal situation that will contribute to the teen's lack of interest in school or class subjects and it is common reason why teens drop out of high school.
Special Needs
There are a number of teens droping out of high school because they require specific attention to a centain needs such as ADHD or Dyslexia. This is predominately among densely populated public high school. Where the overcrowed classes fail to recognize the special needs of a specific students.
Finacial Ptoblems
Often the family is a very finacial situation and in order to help the family finacially is another reason y teens drop out of school. Teens in this case are forced to obtian empolyment to finacially help the familyand in some cases the financial strain could be to an un planned pregnancy or a parental disabillites
Outside Influences
Friend and or peer pressure from other high school drop outs. Family or other outside relationship con impact a teen to drop out of school. This also encompasses who to drop oout of school to join gangs or to br accepted in othen teen groups and street communities.
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