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Integrating Tools and Projects to Increase Literacy in a Hyb

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Mary-Elizabeth Lubeskie

on 20 February 2016

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Transcript of Integrating Tools and Projects to Increase Literacy in a Hyb

Hybrid Learning
3 Rotational Teaching Model

Independent Station
Collaborative Station
Direct Instruction Station
Integrating Tools and Projects to Increase Literacy in a Hybrid Classroom
Integrating Tools and Projects to Increase Literacy in a Hybrid Classroom

By Liz Lubeskie
Direct Instruction Station
Integrating tools into the teacher led small group instruction
Digital Agendas - Need to be written clearly while anticipating possible student questions or troubles.
Model the reading of the agenda
Model trouble shooting
Managing Technology Passwords/Usernames
Keep it simple
Technology Packet for student use.
Trouble Tickets for student problems.
Tools & Projects for the Independent Station
Independent projects that students can do on their own.
Tools & Projects for the Collaborative Station
Collaborative projects or tools to allow students to communicate with one another while also integrating the use of technology.
Online Journal Reflections
Read, Write, Think
Actively Learn
ICIVICS.com - Drafting Board
Google Presentations
Tech. Gallary Walks
Cubing Exercises
News Reports
Comic Strips
DocsTeach Activities
padlet.com: Pose a question, create a word splash, use in conjunction with word wall. You can print it OR have students use it to create a response to an open-ended question.
quizlet.com: Bring students to your board to answer questions on class content/vocabulary
Socrative, Kahoot, GoFormative, allow for quick checks on student understanding
Found Poetry
Newspaper Reports/Post Cards
Primary Source Analysis
Create Simulations/Plays
Discussion Forums
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