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Chapters 31 & 32

No description

Sean Scott

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Chapters 31 & 32

Chapter 31: Hela Goddess of Death
Chapter 31: Hela Goddess of Death
Chapter 31: Hela Goddess of Death
Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 32: All that's My Mother
Chapter 32: All that's My Mother
Deborah starts to trust Rebecca and starts opening up to her.
Rebecca teaches Deb to use a computer, leading to her obsession with finding HeLa articles.
1. What was the name of the doctor who showed Deborah the HeLa cells?
Christopher Lawrence
Cristoph Lengauer
Cristoph Leeson
2. Who was the foundation started by Rebecca aimed towards helping?
Descendants of Henrietta
Doctors and medical Practioners
Those who've helped medical research without knowing
Henrietta Lacks Foundation
"Returning the Blessings of an Immortal Life"
Awarded 43 grants to those non consenting individuals who've contributed to scientific research without their knowledge.
National Foundation for Cancer Research
Honoring Henrietta

Reimbursement from use of cells
Teaches, explains to the family about the fundamentals of DNA
HeLa cells being used for cures and research for several years
Rebecca, Deborah, and Zakariyya travel to John Hopkins
Meet with Cristoph Lengauer at the John Hopkins Jesus statue
The Immortal Life of Hentietta Lacks
Hela, Goddess of Death

All that's My Mother

Chapter 31-32
Would you be comfortable sharing all of your personal troubles, and opening up to Rebecca after knowing her for the time that Deborah did?
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