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The Wright Brothers

No description

Tasia Stewart

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of The Wright Brothers

The wright brother's

Orville Wright
born: April 16 1867 in Millville,Indiana
The Wright brothers
The inventer's are Wilbur & Orville Wright or the Wright brothers.
The Wright bros.
The wright brothers are the first people to invent the first successful ,airplane,people say that it is a very convenient way to travel.
The first airplane ever that flew was December 17th in 1903 it was made in north Carolina ,
what problem did it solve
it solved many problems like not driving to places far away from where you live or if you cant buy a car you can use the air plane
born:August 19 in 1871 in Dayton Ohio
Died: January 30th he was 79 yrs. old.
Wilbur Wright
Died: May 30th in 1967 he was 45 yrs. old
when and where it was made
how did it change the world
it changed the world by making an easier way to travel
Question 2
where was it made
Question 3
how did it work
Question 1
what was the wright brothers names
www.the wright bros official website.com
www.the wright brothers bio.com
www.the wright brothers .com
www.wilbur and orville wright.com
1.Orville and Wilbur Wright
2.South Carolina
3.it was a machine that flew to differnet places

The airplane
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