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Government Annual Reports

Summary of Best Practices in Labor Ministries Annual Reports

Tamim Kashgari

on 1 January 2013

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Transcript of Government Annual Reports

Purpose of an Annual Report The annual report is an opportunity to enhance an understanding of the entity and its strategic issues.
The annual report is a primary medium to demonstrate progress and efficiency to central government.
The annual report is a formal vehicle the Ministry can use to communicate with the public. General Guidelines  Annual report should focus on specific predetermined organizational goals.
Annual performance reports should be used to clearly and concisely provide meaningful information, their aim should be to be a readable document.
The annual report should present information on the outputs resulting your activities in a way that helps readers to understand the context and purpose.  Suggest MOL Annual Report Structure Letter from the Minister
Department Mission, Vision, Goals and Structure.
Program Performance Overview
Strategic Goal One
Strategic Goal Two
Strategic Goal Three
Strategic Goal Four
Strategic Goal Five
Strategic Goal Six
Strategic Goal Seven
Strategic Goal Eight
Strategic Goal Nine
Strategic Goal Ten
Financial Report
Top Management Challenges Message from the Minister The message should take the form of a transmittal letter and identify acceptance of accountability for results.
The message should focus of the overall missions of the entity and not specific programs.
It may also include the mandate of the entity and a general comment about the entity’s success in contributing to the relevant strategic directions of Government. Minister Messages Examples Department Overview The Department Overview should be presented immediately after the Message, and include the entity’s vision, structure, as well as other key statistics, such as the number of employees, physical location (including regional representation). Department Overview Examples Report On Performance For each strategic issue from the associated plan, entities should report on the relevant performance measures as given in the plan.
It is important to ensure the actual results reported are as clear as possible.
This section should include progress made within the planning period towards the relevant strategic directions of government and associated components that have been assigned to the business plan. Performance Overview Examples Financial Overview Top Management Challenges The complete financial statements should be included and a brief explanation given of the overall deviation from the projected results. Comparison to previous years should be included where relevant.
CFO Message
Cash Flow Statement
Balance Statement
Cost by Department Table
Cost by Program Table
Net position change statement. Financial Overview Examples The Top Management Challenges section allows the Minister to describe what he considers to be the most serious management and performance challenges facing the entity and assess the department's progress in addressing those challenges.
The challenges, as identified, represent critical areas or difficult tasks that warrant high-level management attention. Top Management Challenges Example Minister of Labor Letter Ministry of Labor Goals, Mission and Structure Taken from statistical report. Level One: Material lifted from other MOL documents. Such as MOL goals, mission, value.
Level Two: Material that is repackaged in order to fit into MOL annual reprot. Such as content for MOL strategic goals.
Level Three: Material created specifically for MOL annual report. Such as the top management challenges. Levels of Production Ministry of Labor Content Sources of Information Taking Inspiration from the Australian and American reports.
Daleel Al-A'mal to provide strategic map and goals. (Page 42, 45-48).
Deputy Ministers to lead program performance section.
Ministry of Labor Product Owners to provide the results of final structure outline.
MOL statistical reports to provide data for results in each goals section. Production Responsibilities Letter From the Minister: Dr. Abdullah Tilmisani Ministry Goals, Mission, Organizational Structure: Dr. Abdullah Tilmisani Program Performance and Strategic Goals: Sultan Al-Harbi and Dr. Abdullah Ajlan, Product Owners. Financial Overview: Samir Namagani Top Management Challenges: Minister and Deputy Ministers Letter Structure Taking Inspiration from the Australian and American Reports
Welcome Note
Vision (Inspiration from Daleel Al-A'mal)
Challenges (Inspiration from Daleel Al-A'mal)
Department Transformation (New Deputies) Department Overview Structure Use of the structure in the Australian Report to communicate the change taking place in MOL.
Repetition of Ministry Vision
Ministry of Labor Values (Lifted from Daleel Al-A'mal, pages 4 -18)
Ministry of Labor Organizational Skeleton (Lifted from Statistical Report).
Compare new and old organizational structure.
Outline responsibilities of Ministry of Labor segmented following the change in structure.
Organizational presence on ground:
Office locations
Number of employees in Ministry of Labor Description of the services available on MOL Portal
Overall statistics regarding MOL services:
# of entities registered / using MOL Eservices website
# of transactions taking place (Total)
# of services performed through MOL Eservices website in comparison to # performed though labor offices
# success rates of services
Integration with other governmental entities database
How it made life easier on our clients
Entities integrated with:
MOI تحقيق رضا العملاء Goal Results Structure Outline Goal One: Tawteen & Tawleed Employment Description of Nitaqat
Total Number of Saudi Arabians Employed in Private Sector.
Should include male and female employment compared to previous years.
Average salaries of Saudi Arabians in Private Sector.
Overall nationalization percentages by sector and organization size.
Growth rate in hiring Saudi Arabians by month, compare to previous years.
Growth in the number of new entities and entity owners.
Table that includes the number of entities per Nitaqat, compared to previous year. Description of Taqat
Explanation of link between Hafiz & Taqat (preferably through a diagram)
Taqat Channel description
Progress & achievements (charts)
Contracts with international experts (maximus, ingeus etc..)
Number of offices opened since last year
Number of cities with Taqat offices versus last year
Number of placed Job seekers
Number of vacancies at Taqat channels
Challenges facing Taqat
Celebrations (trainings, workshops, events etc…)
Plans for next year Goal One: Tawteen & Tawleed Employment Continued Goal Two: Updating Employment Istiqdam Regulations Goal Three: Maintaining Healthy Work Environments Inspection: Structure to be provided by Deputy of Inspection. Goal Four: Protecting the rights of Employees and Business Owners Protection of employee and employer rights: To be provided by Ministry of Labor. Goal Five: Advancing Partnership Programs with the Private Sector Public Private Partnerships: To be provided by Ministry of Labor. Goal Six: Achieving Customer Satisfaction Other channels:
SMS Inquiries Goal Seven: Improve Public Communication and Participation Mechanisms Description of the social dialogue
The topic of the social dialogue forum.
Participants in the tripartite:
Each participant recommendations and point of view.
Final recommendation ( results of the dialogue ), next steps and implementation. Content Generation Brainstorming Session with Minister and Dr. Mohammed Ikhwan. Inspiration Regarding Challenges The Vision Key Next Steps Agreement on production responsibilities.
Delivery of Minister Letter - December 17th.
Delivery of Department Overview - December 19th.
Delivery of Program Performance Overview - December 26th.
Delivery of Financial Overview - December 26th.
Delivery of Top Management Challenges - December 26th.
Annual Report Design Start - December 18th.
Annual Report Design Delivery - January 9th. Description of 200 Riyal, how will it help in istiqdam optimization.
Red-Yellow, how will it help in mobilizing local expatriates.
Labor rental companies, how will they help in optimizing the Istiqdam process.
Description of remaining legislation implemented regarding expatriate employees. (Transfer of Service, Moving Average).
Total Number of Labor Transfers.
Total Number of expatriates in each nitaq.
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