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Copy of Copy of The magical theory of relativity

The theory of relativity explains that the time and position of an event is relative to the frame of reference of an observer. This prezi simplifies the theory of relativity using beautiful visuals.

abd abdullah

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of The magical theory of relativity

Linux Operating System Asterisk is the complete telephony engine.
Asterisk turn the ordinary computer to a communication server.
Asterisk handle all the low level details of routing signaling data
Encoding and decoding audio
Implementing of voice protocols Web Server Trixbox is a web interface

Open source telephony tools

The trixbox dashboard provides easy to use web-based interfaces to setup, manage, maintain, and support an complete IP PBX system. Voicemail Server Server have internal components... The first one is the telephone The second one is the internet VoIP is the heart of asterisk Dial Plan SIP DAHDI ASTERISK * CDR CODEC Config We use LINUX as an operating system
By using CENTOS version5.5(the flavour of linux)
Particular does not make such difference
Best version is that you know the best vision is. IP PBX SYSTEM
(Internet Protocol Private branch Exchange) ASTERISK Asterisk Server Electronic system for recording oral messages sent by telephone.

The person called can then retrieve the message at a later time by entering specific codes on his or her telephone. Redirect Server Allows sip to direct sip session initiations to external domain
SIP re-direct server may reside in same hardware as sip registrar and sip proxy server
Multiple Technology Dialing Application, which makes it possible to make calls through the PBX system using either soft phones
Voicemail to every user, which allows user to have personal mail boxes which could only be accessed through the soft phone
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, which allows voice prompts for selecting various options. PBX Features VoIP
(Voice over Internet Protocol) There are two fundamentals that are necessary for the existence of VoIP

VoIP transmits sounds that we make using the IP Protocols X-LITE X-Lite is a proprietary freeware VoIP soft phone that uses the Session Initiation Protocol SIP Protocols The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) used for controlling communication sessions such as voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP) There are two different types of SIP messages: requests and responses

REGISTER: Used by a UA to indicate its current IP address and the URLs for which it would like to receive calls.
INVITE: Used to establish a media session between user agents.
ACK: Confirms reliable message exchanges.
CANCEL: Terminates a pending request.
BYE: Terminates a session between two users in a conference SIP Messages SIP registrar user agent
200 SIP proxy gateway user agent
100 it checks the user availabilty e.g,100,200, 300.. it makes decision RTP(real time protocol) Dial Plan(script) For IVR The end!!! MEDIA GATEWAY GateWay Modem X101 p clone Dahdi Driver Information about card Dhadi_scan We check that line is available or not Dhadi_tool Live IP IP all world access Assume server UK So when a outside user is calling the IVR (welcome greeting is played) The user gets an option to dial the desired extension if known. which is placed in UK will the IVR / Unity connection transfer this call to this extension if the user dials the 300 extension as it is not registered with the call manager but its a route pattern. (SIP TRUNK) The ITSP is completely responsible to the applicable regulatory authority regarding all the following law obligations of the Public Domain . . .
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