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Journey of One

My Journey to my future profession as a High School English Teacher

Jennifer Pentz

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Journey of One

The Beginning My Journey of One Jennifer Pentz It all began in 2nd Grade, 1996 And continues..until
April 29th 2010 Learning From My Teachers They knew my passion and would give
me extra textbooks and worksheets My Kindergarten teacher is my hero.
Her love got me through elementary
school. My highschool inspiration
came from my love of reading. The best teacher's I have had outside of elementary
school are here at NC State. I saw how to treat students with
respect. I saw how NOT to
teach. I knew I was going to teach English
after High School. Off The Path I recieved a full scholarship to USC for Naval ROTC. Spent two years training to be a part of the military. Realized my Criminal Justice major
was increibly far off from what I wanted. Panic. Then started searching for
other options. Chose NC State and went back to my original
dream of becoming a teacher. Hard Times I saw on the news this morning that over 300,000 teachers are losing their jobs Lack of funds result in less
jobs. Had a hard time
getting into the necessary
classes because of University
budget cuts. A lot of restrictions due
to money! Doubts about the security
of the job. Why Teach? I believe teachers educate
the next generation I was personally influenced by my teachers. I want to be that positive influence on my students Teachers make school fun
or miserable. I want school to
be fun. I want to open students eyes
to the love of books that I
have. Education is the key to success. Just to have a positive impact on one
life would be a success. Teaching is about giving the love
of knowledge to students. And the Verdict is? Absolutely! I know for certain that I am
meant to teach and It is what
I want to do with my life. Observation 18 hours in AP English Middle Creek High School Graded Papers and
learned valuable
organizational skills Watched the way students
act and respond to different
ways of teaching It was strange to be on the other side! Great Experience. Learned a lot about
what to do and what not to do. Pictures From: Shutterstock.com
Reflection #1 I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl.
I had my own classroom in my basement and I would
use my allowance money to buy stickers and stuff to
decorate my bulletin board. My dolls were my students
and of course my favorite dolls were my best students
and the ones I did not like were my bad students. My
real teachers knew my passion and they would give me
old textbooks and worksheets. I would come home
everday after school and start my own school day. This
was all fun and games but I think it was very beneficial
because I started observing and mimicking my teachers
from a very young age so I already started planning
what I would and would not do in my classroom. Reflection #2 So, I took a wrong turn. I accepted my scholarship
and went on the path towards becoming a member of
our armed forces. This was by far the most challenging
experience of my life and I learned a lot from is that I
think will now help me in the classroom. Besides dealing
with the tough military life, I also realized that my true love
was in the classroom. I decided that I would be better in front
of a classroom then I would be in front of a platoon. I did,
however, learn a lot about dealing with people who are
different from me and I learned how to work under pressure
and stress which I know will be beneficial to me in the
classroom. Reflection #3 Observing truly was a great experience. I really liked my
teacher and I learned a lot from her. The main thing that I
will take with me when I teach is her sense of organization.
She had a lot of techniques that are in my observation notes that
I think made her classroom an effective learning environment. I
also learned a lot of things I will not do. I think it is important to be a friend to your students to a certain extent. She was very sarcastic at time and some of the things she said to her students made me cringe. Overall, I learned a lot from the experience and as soon as I walked out the last day I wanted to walk into my own classroom! My teaching philosophy I think a teacher has to care more about her students
then she does about test scores. Today everyone is teaching towards the test and I think that is detrimental towards a student. I think that a teacher needs to teach her subject, but more importantly teach the whole student. Kids need to learn English, but they also need to learn how to be a good person and how to be successful in life. A good teacher can not let personal feelings or favoritism get in the way. She has to have the best interests of the students in mind no matter what her personal feelings are towards them. A good teacher has a mind open to diversity. It is important that everyone feels loved and like they belong. Most importantly a teacher needs to have a love for her students and for her job and she needs to put everything she has into doing the best job she can and teach her kids as much as she can.
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