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Current Environmental Issues

No description

Ann Nozica

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of Current Environmental Issues

What can we do?
- major polluters are taking responsibility for their actions
- educate ourselves
- act locally
- reduce our carbon footprint
- Obama's Clean Power Plan
- reduce, reuse, recycle
- use less heat & AC
- drive less & drive smart
- buy energy efficient products
- plant a tree
- community outreach
Clean Energy Future
- dependence on fossil fuels is dangerous
- diversify our nation's energy portfolio
- economic benefits to agricultural communities
- derived from natural, replenishable sources
- improves air quality
- curbs global warming
- creates long-term jobs
- protects habitats
- protects water quality
Revive theOceans
- world's oceans are struggling ecologically
- waters are not as productive as they once were
- history of chronic overfishing, pollution result in habitat destruction
- loss of recreational value in areas

All life on Earth is connected
to the oceans &
its inhabitants!




Protect Wildlife & Wild Places
- home to vast diversity of biodiversity
- serves as critical regulators to climate change
- provide sanctuary to irreplaceable organisms
- predator control is expensive & ineffective;
native predators are needed
- animal populations are threatened (grizzly
bears, songbirds, gray wolf, bison,
mountain lions, marine mammals,
to name a few)
Prevent Pollution
- improve human & environmental health!
- dangerous chemicals are present in the goods we use, food we eat, air we breathe
- negative impact to fetal development, young, elderly, & those with compromised immune systems
- learning disabilities, cancer, reproductive problems
- worldwide problem = populations
continue to grow & more disposable
items are on the market
What can we do?
- work together!
- communities rally for clean energy
- individuals understand clean energy benefits
- educate ourselves!
- teach our children well

wind solar biomass
geothermal hydropower
tidal power
What can we do?
- contact your legislator!
- volunteer at wildlife refuges
- educate ourselves!
- regulate sonar use to protect marine mammals
- use new technology to deter
unwanted predators

Current Environmental

Global Warming

- biggest threat to human health, economy, communities
- responsible for: rising sea levels, more severe storms, higher temperatures, drought, & floods
- Burning fossil fuels raises the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (carbon dioxide is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect and global warming)
What can we do?
What can we do?
Safe & Sufficient Water
What can we do?
A scientist and writer, Ms. Carson stressed the need to respect the ecosystem in which we live, to protect human & environmental health

19th c. - American writer Henry David Thoreau praised
the return to a simpler life, guided by the values implicit in nature.

- end overfishing
- be smart consumers
- create marine protected areas
- improve legislation, re: ocean protection
- stop polluting
- promote sustainable fishing practices
- clean the beaches
- be an ocean-friendly pet owner
- reduce harmful chemicals used in manufacturing goods
- be smart consumers
- reduce, reuse, recycle!
- community outreach
- educate ourselves!
- promote sustainable AG = eat local!
- support local, green businesses
- essential for ALL health
- global sanitation is needed
- access to clean water is a challenge
- potable water used for everyday activities
- Diseases from unsafe water & lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all
forms of violence, including war.
- Children especially vulnerable - not strong enough to fight diarrhea, dysentery & other

- replace deteriorating pipes
- check online to see the health of your local drinking water supply
- check your municipalities water report card
- filter!
- test your home water
- flush your system & reuse the water
- take your water with you
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