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Evaluation, assessment and goal setting for your org

wowtastic. first ever prezi on making prezis

Candice Delos Reyes

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Evaluation, assessment and goal setting for your org

Goal Setting, Evaluation and Assessment: what it is and how to use it to benefit your org What we will do today:
identify your organization's goals
learn how to identify, measure and track your organization's outcomes
become familiar with different measurement tools and data collection methods
understand how to use your data to improve your organization The ultimate
question... Exercise: Does your organization currently do some kind of evaluation? Text 501986 for YES. Text 501987 for NO. Text 501988 for NOT SURE. Basics steps to evaluation: What is evaluation?

Evaluation = Is there a universal definition of success for your organization? Purpose, Goals & Objectives What is your
purpose in life? Better yet, your organization? GOALS!
Why do we set them? Avoid Chaos! Advisors like
avoiding chaos Clarify, Organize and
Focus Attention But Mostly... However, once again... How do we
set goals? As A Group! Brainstorming! SMART Goals! Specific
Action Driven
Timely YAY!
We Did it! What about accountability? - Post Them
-Org Meetings
-"To Do" Lists Not so fast my friend... 1. Figure out what the most important questions are/what goals you want to measure 2. Decide what type of data you want to collect and what type of evaluation you want to do qualitative vs. quantitative process vs. outcome evaluation 3. Decide how you are going to
collect the data 4. What do you do with the data you collect? Things to remember: 1. Keep it short and simple

2. Don't over survey

3. Use standardized assessments when possible

4. Some goals are long-term and
won't be achieved overnight
so don't be discouraged! learn from your data and
improve as an org!
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