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Persuasive Essay

Girls should be able to play on the same team as boys.

Miranda McNalley

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Persuasive Essay

My first reason is that the best teams should have the best players whether they are made up of girls and boys. Having a variety of players of different skill levels and personalities makes the best team. For example: In soccer a girl might be really fast and a boy might have really good distribution, put that together and they’d probably get a goal! In my opinion co-ed teams would make for better competition. All in all, girls should be able to play on the same sports team as boys. It would give them more opportunities to play on challenging and competitive teams. It would give more girls a chance to try different sports. It would be a great chance to make new friends and work on getting along. Finally, the best teams should be made up of the best players whether they are girls or boys.
Girls should be able to play on the same sports team as boys. I feel really strong about this topic: Girls should be able to play on the same sports teams as boys. Here are three reasons: First, the best teams should have the best players whether they are made up of girls and boys. Second, it would be a great chance for girls and guys to make friends and to work on getting along together. Third, it would give players an opportunity to be on a team in smaller schools and communities or when a sport is not offered to both by combining girls and boys to make a co-ed team. The following paragraphs are my facts/reasons for why girls should play on the same sports team as boys. My second reason is that girls and guys could make new friends and learn to get along with them. In any sport you have to communicate, cooperate and just have fun! Some girls might like to participate in sports like football and baseball. I am one of them. Samantha Gordon is a 9 year old phenomenon football player from Utah. She joined an all boys team and is one of the few girls in a formerly all boy football league. She and her teammates get along and they love having her. My third reason is that it would give more players an opportunity to join teams. In a small town there might not be enough players or money to have separate teams. Some schools just do not offer the same sports for girls and boys. Even a large school like Lakeside doesn’t have a girl’s Lacrosse team. I think I should be able to try out for the boy’s team if I want to. Combining girls and boys on a co-ed team would give everyone an opportunity to play. No one would be disappointed because there wasn’t a team for them to play on. It would save money too. I want to be the best athlete I can be. I’ve been training as a goalkeeper since I was 8 with both girls and boys. I have been challenged more and excelled in my skills and techniques in the co-ed setting. I have made really good friends that I have met in the co-ed setting. I think that both girls and boys can benefit from playing together.
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