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What are the reasons why Turks migrate to Germany and what

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Charlie Pickford

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of What are the reasons why Turks migrate to Germany and what

Why they still come today
Why they still come today
People may move to Germany for a fresh start.
People may feel like outcasts in Turkey being any other region than muslim, due to the fact that 99% of the population are muslims and their traditions, so they may want to move to feel more free in there religious beliefs.
In turkey, bars now have to stop selling alcohol buy 12pm because of muslim traditions. This isn't too bad for the locals as 83% hardly ever touch it, but this means that tourists can no longer go out drinking late into the night. Especially on the coast this is a problem, as the main trade is tourism from yachts sailing in the Mediterranean. This means that there will be more unemployment and many bar men will either have to change jobs or move country.
Many people still move to Germany because as there is improved communication technology, people who migrate can still be in contact with their families.
What are the problems caused in Turkey
Advantages for Turkey
How many Turkish are there in Germany
By the year 2000 there were 7.3 million foreigners in Germany.
2 million of these came from Turkey and this includes around 750,000 who are Turkish but born in Germany
Another half a million Turks, since 1972 are now German citizens.
This means that about 4-5% of the German population have at least on turkish parent
What are the problems for Germany

Advantages For Germany
After the second World war, there was a Labor shortage in Germany for companies like BMW or Volkswagen.
The country needed rebuilding but there weren't enough workers as 4.5 million Germans had died in the war and most of the Jewish population had left due to prosecution.
the Germans employed guest workers to help and by 1989, there were 4.5 million which accounted for 7.5% of the total workforce, however 29% these had come to turkey.
In the 1950s and 60s the German economy was growing and they were short of workers, at the time Turkey was quite poor and were well paid in west Germany.
Guest workers were just meant to be staying temporary, however alot of the stayed permanently due to the style of living.

Why did they first come?
What are the reasons why Turks migrate to Germany and what are the problems and advantages for both of the countries
Working conditions in Turkey are amongst the best in Europe.
The standard of living far exceed those of turkey.
The people who migrate are mostly men between the ages of 20-40 who have good skills in factories which are appreciated.
The wages are quite high.
The Germans need manual labor and there are many vacancies in jobs which they do not want to do.
Some Migrates move to Germany are work while sending money home for their families.
Between 1975 and 1980, $900millions was sent back to Turkey from Germany.
There are much better services, e.g. better hospitals
Especially better education, Turks may bring their family over as well for a good education.
There is less crime in Germany and people may feel safer living there
Some years in Turkey the harvest is not very successful, so some farmers may have to move for other jobs and Germany may be an option.
There are less people of the working age, this means that the country can't develop as quickly as the people who leave normally have good skills which the country need.
There are less taxes being collected so taxes may have to be raised.
The majority of people who leave to go to Germany are male, this may mean that families are broken up
Turkey is left with an aging population, this means there will be a higher death rate, and there may not be enough money for the government to pay for pensions.
As good workers leave, Turkey is left with only bad workers which won't boost the economy.
There are less workers in Turkey especially for farming which may mean that Turkey will have to import more food from other countries.
Money is sent home to Turkey from Germany, this money is more than what they would normally earn in Turkey so it is good for the Turkish economy.
There is a reduced pressure on jobs so therefor less unemployment.
The people who leave are normally between 20 and 40 years old, so are of the child bearing age, this reduces the birth rate and so puts less stress on vital resources, e.g. schools and hospitals.
The people who go to Germany will come back with vital skills which can help develop the country.
The Turks may take German people's jobs.
As there are more people of a working age, there is a higher chance of unemployment.
Peoples worry about immigration leading to the growth of a Right wing and racist groups.
There may be tension between the two races and problems caused by the diversity of religions.
There may be a language barrier.
The Turks are using the German's public resources, e.g. schools, hospitals. This is costing the Germans money.
The Turks may receive benefits if they can't find a job, or a pension, this is coming out of the German working population's pockets.
There is a very low rate of German to Turkish marriage, this perhaps shows that they are not integrating into the population.
There is a more diverse culture.
There are more people of a working age so money people paying tax.
The two countries may have a better relationship so they have good trading between each other.
They may bring new skills and do jobs that other people may not want to do.
There are more consumers for products, this helps to boost the economy.

What are they doing about it
Germany has had to increase strictness on immigration to ease the flow of foreigner coming into the country due to racial tension.
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