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The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

No description

Jonathan Jefferson

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Plot Summary-Phase 5
Everywhere that the Mariner goes, he has to find a man to tell his story to. This time, the wedding guest just so happened to be the one he needed to talk to, which leads to the guest becoming a "better man"
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
What was Romanticism?
All about the individual
Age of Passion which focused on emotions & imagination
Characterized by the 5 "I"s
Plot Summary-Intro
Begins with 3 wedding guests who are in a rush to get to the reception but are soon stopped by an old Mariner (only 1 opts to stay)
Mariner shares a personal story about how his ship was lost but how an albatross was a symbol of goodluck to him & his crew
Plot Summary-Phase 1
As story continues, the mariner tells how the bird bought fog upon the ship then goes into the situation with the albatross and how he had to kill the bird....which ultimately led to a chain of bad events
After the bird was killed, the ocean became calm the waters "rotted" (the sailors blamed the actions of the mariner and forced him to wear the albatross on his neck)
Plot Summary-Phase 2
After some time had passed on the waters, all the sailors became parched for thirst which led to nobody talking so the mariner decided to take a bit out of his own arm to draw blood.....and as soon as he did, he saw a ship in the distance
Death & Life-in-Death were aboard the ship playing dice to determine the life of the sailors and the Mariner
Author Background
Who is Samuel Taylor Coleridge?
Born: October 21, 1772
English Poet
Founder of the romanticism movement in England
Best known for Rise of the Ancient Mariner
Other well known works include: Kubla Khan & Biographia Literaria
Died: July 25, 1834
Plot Summary-Phase 3
Death-in-Life won the dice game and because she did, she was able to keep the Mariner alive and then she gave Death all of the rest of the passengers on the ship
The Mariner then tells how he had cursed the water snakes but soon found a respect for him, which then led to the albatross falling from his neck and into the ocean
Plot Summary-Phase 4
The Mariner was soon cured and then the ship began traveling too fast for him to even handle which led him to pray for safety....after his prayer was over, he soon saw a hermit coming to him
The hermit saved his life by dragging him to shore and now he travels the land, roaming around telling his story to people as a part of his curse
Life Lessons In the Poem
Sinning & Forgiving:
The sin of the story comes from when the Mariner murders in the innocent albatross, which represents and element of mother nature and of God's creations
The forgiveness of the story comes from the Death in Life, who gave the Mariner his life but placed a curse on him to go around the world and share his story to be a blessing to others so they wont make the same mistakes that he made
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