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Friction In Soccer

No description

Matt Pron

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Friction In Soccer

Friction In Soccer
Matt Pron

Bad Friction
When a ball is brand new, your foot sticks to it, increasing friction and making you slip.
When the grass is too short, there isn't enough friction to stop it and it moves too fast.
Newton's Third Law
Definition- For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Example- When you kick a ball, the force reacts on the ball and your foot.
Newton's First Law
Definition- An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force.
Example- The ball rolls until someone stops it at their foot or it goes into the net.
Newton's Second Law
Definition- An objects acceleration depends on it's mass and on the net force acting upon it.
Example- When I run, the wind and fluid friction are the forces acting on me.
Law of Conservative Momentum
Ways to Increase Good Friction
Wear cleats with good spikes to dig into the ground and control your friction.
Wear light, aerodynamic clothing to decrease fluid friction while running.
Good Friction
To gain traction on a rainy day
To plant your foot when you are passing or shooting
How You Control Speed
Players will accelerate to create space between them and their defender.
Players will decelerate to help control the ball.
Players will accelerate to a loose ball to get there before an opponent.
Areas Where Speed Is Important
When you are on a fast break to the goal.
Diving to save a penalty kick or shot.
Objects In Motion
How to Decrease Bad Friction
If you wear good spikes, it increases sliding friction to slow you down.
If you use a ball that has been used in warm ups, it decrease friction.

Definition- When two objects collide, the total momentum of the two objects is the same after the collision.

Example- When you kick the ball the momentum of your foot transfers to the ball.
Shows players and ball moving in soccer.
A keeper saving a penalty kick
New cleats are used to increase friction and reduce slipping.
The force of the players foot acts on the ball, causing it to accelerate
This player's momentum will transfer to the ball after he applies the force with his foot
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